City of Victoriaville running resilience-focused V2X charging project with Hydro-Québec’s Cleo
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EV Charging
Jun 25, 2024
Mehanaz Yakub

Bidirectional (V2X) chargers can leverage EVs to replace “traditional diesel generators” as the primary power backup, says the city

Jeff Desruisseaux, CEO of Cleo (second left), marks planned launch of V2X pilot in Victoriaville with (l to r) the city’s head of sustainable development, Sophie Séguin-Lamarche, mayor Antoine Tardif and city manager Yves Arcand. (CNW Group/Ville de Victoriaville)

Bidirectional (V2X) chargers can leverage EVs to replace “traditional diesel generators” as the primary power backup, says the city

The city of Victoriaville, Que., is deploying V2X (vehicle-to-everything) charging stations for electric vehicles to boost community resilience.

The project is happening in collaboration with turnkey fleet charging management solution provider and Hydro-Québec subsidiary, Cleo.

As with regular charging stations, V2X charging stations will charge EVs. However, they also have the added capability of drawing energy from vehicles and feeding the power to municipal buildings during peak periods or power outages.

“Victoriaville’s investment in this technology exemplifies a responsible and forward-thinking approach, says Sophie Séguin-Lamarche, director of the city’s Sustainable Development Office in a press statement.

“By addressing current electric vehicle charging needs and enhancing infrastructure resilience for future challenges, the city is positioning itself as a pioneering municipality committed to advancing electric mobility, implementing smart energy management, and strengthening community resilience.”

For the project, Cleo is providing expertise in V2X technology testing.

Phase 1 of the V2X project

The first V2X charging station, as part of Phase 1 of the project, will be installed at Victoriaville City Hall by the end of 2024 or early 2025.

Victoriaville City Hall is in a dense residential and commercial area. The building can provide charging options for EV drivers who might not be able to install a station at home.

The location is also ideal because it can supply power to the Emergency Operations Centre at City Hall during widespread power outages.

Cleo will integrate the bidirectional charging functionality into its smart charging management platform for Victoriaville’s chargers.

This will allow Victoriaville to monitor and regulate electricity transfers between its vehicles and designated buildings during Phase 1.

The project has a total cost of $356,000. The Quebec government’s Défis Innovation/volet villes intelligentes et durables program will subsidize 50 per cent of the project’s cost.

The remaining expenses will be equally shared between Victoriaville and Cleo.

Future V2X projects

The purpose of the project is to test the V2X technology. If the technology works well to power the municipal building, the city plans to expand the project by installing multiple bidirectional charging hubs throughout Victoriaville.

After City Hall, the Fernand-Giguère fire station and the Charles-Édouard-Mailhot Library are earmarked as the next locations for V2X chargers.

“This initiative serves as a catalyst for development and underscores Victoriaville’s commitment to a greener, more connected future,” says the city in a press release.

Victoriaville’s mayor, Antoine Tardif, is urging other municipalities in Quebec to adopt similar projects.

“This innovative project has significant potential for replication in other municipalities and institutions. We can be very proud of this initiative,” he says.

Meanwhile, in Ontario, the government is also exploring projects related to EV charging and V2X technology.

The Ontario Grid Innovation Fund is currently accepting proposals until July 22, 2024, for projects that explore how EV aggregations and fleets can provide flexibility services through managed charging (V1G), vehicle-to-home (V2H), vehicle-to-building (V2B), and grid injection through vehicle-to-grid (V2G).

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