The joint endeavour will see the two companies expand FLO’s charging services into Imperial’s Esso- and Mobil-branded gas stations throughout the country. Photo: FLO

The new partnership between the Quebec-based charging network operator and Canada’s largest petroleum refiner will make charging stations available at Imperial’s Esso and Mobil gas stations

Electric vehicle drivers across Canada are about to gain access to more public EV chargers thanks to a new partnership between charging network operator, FLO and Calgary-based Imperial Oil.

The joint endeavour will see the two companies expand FLO’s charging services into Imperial’s Esso- and Mobil-branded gas stations throughout the country.

It also includes an agreement to transfer credits under federal Clean Fuel Regulations.

“FLO’s focus is to provide the best EV charging experience for Canadians, and, right now, one of the biggest pain points for EV drivers and potential EV drivers is that there aren’t enough well-located reliable charging stations across Canada,” says a spokesperson for FLO in an email to Electric Autonomy Canada.

“FLO will reinvest the money generated from the sale of these credits into the expansion of Canada’s EV charging infrastructure.”

The goal of the Clean Fuel Regulation is to stimulate the market to develop alternative fuel technologies and encourage suppliers, such as Imperial Oils, to gradually reduce the carbon in their products.

Meeting emission reduction goals

As part of Imperial Oil’s climate strategy, the company is working toward helping its customers reduce their emissions and mitigating its own emissions in its operations.

“Canada has clearly defined policies that support lower-emissions solutions and deployment of new technologies,” said Jon Wetmore, Imperial’s vice president of downstream in a press statement about the FLO partnership.

“Our collaboration with FLO will complement other Imperial GHG emission-reduction efforts, including plans to produce and supply lower-emission fuels, next-generation resource recovery technologies and carbon capture.”

As for FLO, Louis Tremblay, president and CEO of FLO, added in the press release that he sees this collaboration with Imperial as “noteworthy” in an effort to “further Canada’s goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

FLO’s network of chargers

The number of FLO and Imperial EV chargers and when they will be expected to come online is still to be determined by the companies.

“The final number will depend on how many branded wholesalers choose to deploy charging stations, but based on the exciting growth trends in EV adoption, we hope many of them choose to do so,” says the spokesperson for FLO.

The Quebec-based charging network operator currently has over 70,000 fast and Level 2 EV charging stations deployed at public, private and residential locations across North America.

“We are committed to substantially increasing the deployment of more reliable FLO charging stations across Canada and offering EV drivers the most reliable charging experience from curbside to the countryside and today’s announcement will help us to accelerate investments in this space,” says FLO’s spokesperson.

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  1. This is excellent. I hope there will be at least one 150 kW + charger at each location, to allow for super-fast charging for those with vehicles which can handle it as more of them are coming. I also hope that they will just be a credit card activation, and no account will be required.

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