NS Premier EV policy

Incoming provincial Liberal leader and premier-designate Iain Rankin campaigned on a platform calling for EV incentives, expanded charging infrastructure and more zero-emission public transit

Nova Scotia has a new premier-designate and with him comes the promise of heightened electric vehicle and electrified transportation initiatives.

On Feb. 6, Iain Rankin was elected as the new leader of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party, following former premier Stephen McNeil’s resignation. Once he is officially sworn in, Rankin will have the opportunity to advance his campaign platform, which included a strong stance on environmental issues.

In a Dec. 6 post where he unveiled his environmental platform, Rankin said the province made “progress on environmental issues, [but] we need to do more.” With that, he said he would focus on three areas: conservation, emissions reduction and transportation.

Specifically, for transportation, Rankin is looking to spend unallocated funds from the federal Investing in Canada’s Infrastructure Program to help the province allocate more electric buses, while also adding non-diesel ferry services and a new ferry route from the Bedford Basin to downtown Halifax.

Vehicle incentives and charging infrastructure

For those looking to purchase their own vehicles, Rankin plans to introduce incentives for both EVs and e-bikes, as well as to require all provincial and municipal government buildings and new commercial developments to have EV infrastructure in place. Specific details on those initiatives haven’t been released.

“Making the right investments in infrastructure will stimulate our economy, put our people to work, and build a more resilient Nova Scotia that is better protected from the impacts of an already changing climate,” said Rankin’s statement on his policy page. “We must work in collaboration with our federal and municipal partners to make these smart investments in green infrastructure quickly, including active transportation infrastructure.”

Rankin was first elected as MLA for the Timberlea-Prospect riding in 2013 and was reelected in 2017. He’s served as both Minister of Environment and Minister of Lands and Forestry.

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