V2G from commercial fleet vehicles can drive Canada to a green future and the time to act is now

Canada needs a stable supply of electricity to ensure that electrification — a critical component of Canada’s net-zero strategy — can proceed. We should be going all-in on V2G

Montreal foundation awards $800,000 in “catalytic capital” to spur electric school bus adoption in Canada

EXCLUSIVE: The Trottier Family Foundation, highlighting electric school buses’ climate and health benefits, will fund 10 organizations over two years to lobby governments, conduct policy research and build grassroots support

Canada Infrastructure Bank to fund 4,000 electric school buses in Quebec

The $400-million loan to provincial bus operators is the latest investment from the Canada Infrastructure Bank’s $1.5 billion zero-emission bus initiative to assist in the transition from diesel transit in Canada

Student Transportation of Canada places conditional order for 1,000 electric school buses

The order, for Lion Electric buses, still hinges on financial support from the federal Zero Emission Transit Fund. If approved, Student Transportation of Canada will become the largest operator of zero-emission school buses in the country

Transdev-Lion deal for 27 electric school buses shows why Quebec is winning in the EV economy

In an exclusive video interview, Transdev and Lion Electric explain how Quebec’s trio of attributes — clean energy, local manufacture, government incentives — paved the way for the deal, enabling Transdev to achieve a 99 per cent emission reduction with these vehicles