Helping ensure safety and reliability of electric vehicle energy management systems
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Jun 11, 2024
CSA Group

CSA Group is offering training to help electrical professionals prioritize safety and reliability of EVEMS electrical equipment

CSA Group is offering training to help electrical professionals prioritize safety and reliability of EVEMS electrical equipment

Widespread deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) requires consideration of their electrical demand.

What will happen when millions of EVs start charging overnight? Some experts believe this will create an energy demand problem. Collaboration with electrical utilities is critical to align generation and transmission infrastructure capacity to meet increasing needs.

EV charging may also require adapting electrical infrastructure and installations in buildings not designed to accommodate such loads.

Electric vehicle energy management systems (EVEMS) may offer a solution to these challenges, helping maximize the usage efficiency of existing electrical infrastructure and avoid costly capacity upgrades.

Standards support the safety, reliability, and compliance of EVEMS

The Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (CSA C22.1) recognizes technological advancements and allows installations of EVEMS as a means to control electric vehicle supply equipment loads.

In addition to the requirements for the safety of EVEMS installations outlined in CSA C22.1, CSA Group has also published a technical specification CSA SPE-343:21, Electric vehicle energy management systems.

This publication offers guidance for developing demand management strategies using energy management systems, bi-directional power transfer, and energy storage.

Further, CSA SPE-343:21 sets a consistent basis for testing and certification of products and systems in Canada.

Comprehensive EVEMS training for electrical professionals

With the increased adoption of EVEMS in various industries, it is crucial that electrical professionals involved in the design, construction, installation, and inspection of electrical equipment for EVEMS have a comprehensive understanding of the key standards addressing the safety and reliability of these systems.

CSA Group’s online, self-paced training can help them gain that knowledge.

The 2.5-hour online, self-paced training, developed by industry professionals, can help them understand:

  • Differences between the three levels of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE);
  • Equipment components and their functions;
  • Common capacity limitations of utility-based supply systems and how EVEMS solutions can overcome them;
  • Benefits of integrating EVEMS into the local distribution company power system;
  • Interconnections between EVEMS and renewable energy sources;
  • Importance of sub-metering and co-locating electrical metering;
  • Potential EV electrical hazards and safety measures, including the use of personal protective equipment;
  • The role of authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) and inspections of electrical installations;
  • Contractor responsibilities when installing and maintaining EVEMS; and
  • Common warranty issues, including reliability and service.

Various activities throughout the course allow learners to self-assess their understanding of the studied topics. At the end of the course, learners take the final test. Once successfully passed, they receive a Certificate of Completion demonstrating proficiency in applying CSA SPE-343:21 and CSA C22.1:21 to EVEMS electrical equipment.

Systemic approach to integrating electric vehicles

CSA Group has been supporting the development and implementation of EV charging technologies and their harmonization across North America since 2010.

Our standardization approach helps seamlessly integrate EVs into the electrical system.

Addressing techniques such as energy management, bi-directional power transfer, and energy storage will help overcome the challenges of increased energy demand, facilitate the widescale adoption of EV and energy storage technologies, and ultimately contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Visit the online CSA Store to learn more about CSA Group’s EVEMS training and start learning.

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