New round of clean electricity grid consultations announced as federal government releases draft regulations

The federal government released its proposed Frame for the Clean Electricity Regulations this week, informed by previous consultations on its earlier discussion paper, and is soliciting feedback until August 17

New developments suggest Canada is about to play a greater role in Tesla’s global supply chain

A new plan to hire a critical minerals supply chain policy associate in Toronto, plus a rumoured deal with Vale to secure Canadian nickel and Tesla’s growing commercial and lobbying presence, all suggest Canada is about to play a greater role in the automaker’s global supply chain

Federal government opens consultations on Clean Electricity Standard

Following up on its pledge to make Canada’s electricity grid net-zero emissions by 2035, the federal government is seeking input on a Clean Electricity Standard discussion paper to help ensure a transition that protects ratepayers and assures reliability

Three Canadian utilities announce plans for a spate of public EV chargers

The announcements — one in Saskatchewan, two in Ontario — signal growing interest on the part of regional and provincial utilities to lead in the deployment of robust public charging services to support EV adoption

ENMAX seeks 250 Calgary EV drivers to participate in new grid-sustainability charging pilot

The year-long study by the Alberta-based electricity provider aims to determine what programs, policies or regulations are most effective in motivating drivers to shift the time of day they charge to lessen demand on the grid

Examining Prime Minister Trudeau’s clean, net-zero electrical grid goal for Canada

At the COP26 conference, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada’s path to meet its climate targets includes a clean, net-zero electrical grid by 2035. We ask an expert to help us break down that ambition