An electrical worker installing Ivy Home Charging box.
Ivy Charging Network is here to help drivers switch to driving electric by providing simple, reliable and affordable charging solutions. Photo: Ivy Charging Network

The new Ivy Home Eco Incentive substantially reduces the cost of professional installation for Ivy Home customers, making sustainable transportation even more attainable

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Ivy Charging Network is here to help drivers switch to driving electric by providing simple, reliable and affordable charging solutions.

Ivy operates one of Ontario’s most extensive public charging networks. But this year the company expanded its services this year to include home charging.

We are pleased to introduce Ivy Home and the complementary Ivy Home Eco Incentive.

This comprehensive made-in-Ontario solution includes a Level 2 smart charger with professional install and up to $1,000 in savings.

Ivy’s goal with this suite of products is simple: smoothing the road for more Ontarians to own and enjoy electric vehicles.

About Ivy Home

Ivy Home is an all-in-one home EV charging solution.

The Home package offers a Level 2 charger, professional installation, a 3-year warranty and ongoing member support as well as access to Ivy’s public charging network at a discounted rate.

Ivy also offers a range of flexible payment options to help meet our customers’ preferences.

Ivy Home buyers can select from interest-free monthly payment plans, or they have the choice to pay upfront.

Regardless of the chosen path, customers have complete ownership of the charger from day one.

Customers also have the option to purchase just the Ivy Home Smart Charger (without the installation) providing Ontarians with more flexible charging options.

Recognizing the value behind professional installations

Ivy recommends customers working with a Licensed Electrical Contractor during the home charging setup process.

“Improper installations can lead to severe consequences such as electrical fires, property damage and personal injury,” advises Trevor Tremblay, Technical Advisor at the Electrical Safety Authority.

“It’s crucial to understand that electrical work requires a high level of expertise and adherence to safety standards.”

Ivy has established a network of ESA-certified electrical contractors who efficiently install chargers, providing customers with timely charging solutions.

This ensures a stress-free installation. It eliminates guesswork and ensures the charger is correctly set up with a 240 volt outlet, while adhering to electrical code.

The Ivy Home Eco Incentive

To encourage EV adoption supporting Ontario’s ambitious climate change goals, Ivy has launched the Ivy Home Eco Incentive.

This incentive offers up to $1,000 in savings for Ivy Home customers to help remove barriers to home charging to encourage more Ontarians to adopt EVs.

This incentive is available for a limited time only to the first 200 customers, so EV drivers are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible.

Getting the Ivy Home Eco Incentive

To take advantage of the benefits of the Ivy Home Eco Incentive, customers must complete a simple estimate form.

This form captures essential details about the customers’ home charging setup, allowing Ivy’s installation partner to craft a personalized estimate.

Upon completion of the estimate, customers will receive an email that includes final details and an all-inclusive price for the home charger, installation and other key benefits.

Learn more about Ivy Home and order your solution today.