7Gen/GoBolt Truck at Expo
Electric vehicle and charging infrastructure leasing company, 7Gen, is bringing the first electric Class 7 Peterbilt 220EV box truck to Canada for its client, the last-mile delivery service, GoBolt. Photo: GoBolt

EV-as-a-Service provider 7Gen is deploying the first all-electric Class 7 Peterbilt 220EV box truck on Canadian roads and the vehicle’s inaugural stop is the EV & Charging Expo

Electric vehicle and charging infrastructure leasing company 7Gen is bringing the first electric Class 7 Peterbilt 220EV box truck to Canada for its client, the last-mile delivery service provider GoBolt.

Before going into the service, the vehicle is debuting at the EV & Charging Expo hosted by Electric Autonomy at the Enercare Centre in Toronto on May 17-18.

“We are proud of this milestone that aligns with our core business model of breaking through barriers and making EVs a preferred choice over combustion engine alternatives, by getting our client this first all-electric class 7 box truck in Canada,” said 7Gen’s CEO, Frans Tjallingii in a press release.

“Our clients see value in our lease-to-own offer because it simplifies the otherwise complex transition to EVs and allows them to gain expertise without having to build as much internal capacity.“

The Peterbilt 220EV will pull a 24 foot box and, 7Gen says, is “ideal” for downtown deliveries due to its narrow turning circle. The vehicle has a maximum battery size of 282 kWh and a top range of 200 miles or 321 kilometres.

Transitioning last-mile delivery fleets

GoBolt is a last-mile delivery service with high profile clients like Ikea, Frank and Oak and Rove Concepts.

Its mission is to build the world’s largest, most sustainable supply chain network. GoBolt attributes “90 per cent of a company’s environmental impacts” to supply chains.

To reduce this number, GoBolt is committing to have 90 per cent of all of its last mile deliveries done by electric vehicles by December 2023.

“Sustainability isn’t achieved by one company’s efforts alone and it’s not without its challenges. It takes working and partnering with like-minded businesses to move the needle, especially when it comes to embracing new technologies like the Peterbilt 220EV,” said GoBolt’s co-founder and CEO, Mark Ang, in the announcement. “We’re thrilled to partner with 7Gen, share our learnings and build a roadmap for the logistics industry to follow.”

7Gen assists urban short-haul transportation companies in decarbonizing their supply chain by providing access to a range of electric vehicle and charging solution options.

“As an agnostic EV and charger leasing group, we’ve purchased equipment from a variety of OEMs for our clients. So far this has included Ford eTransits, Lighting ZEV3 cargo vans, GM Brightdrop 600s, and Lion 6 box trucks,” said Tjallingii in press comments.

“With this first Peterbilt 220EV deployed in Canada, 7Gen will be able to bring valuable learnings in terms of the technology’s behaviour and functionality in the snow and cold weather, and hopefully inspire fast followers.”

Making commercial EV ownership affordable

7Gen operates on a leasing model, which helps offset the upfront purchase costs of brand new EV technology like the Peterbilt 220EV.

In addition, the company says it passes along the savings of the federal commercial medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicle incentive ($100,000 in purchase rebates), and any provincial commercial vehicle rebates, where applicable.

7Gen says deploying the Peterbilt electric Class 7 will “avoid emitting more than 200 tons of CO2 emissions over the next 5 years. For comparison, that’s saving an equivalent to the CO2 of burning more than one rail car full of coal, or the GHG avoided by 10 garbage trucks of waste recycled instead of landfilled.”

For information on how to purchase tickets to the EV & Charging Expo to view the Class 7 Peterbilt 220EV, visit here.