Canadian Infrastructure Bank offering $500 million towards zero-emission and hydrogen refuelling projects

The CIB’s new program, which was unveiled at Electric Mobility Canada’s annual conference in Toronto, will offer repayable capital support to large-scale infrastructure projects of $10 million or more

Transport Ministry announces nearly $550 million purchase or lease incentive program for new medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles

The funding, announced as the government’s kickoff to EV Week in Canada, will provide buyers of eligible vehicles as much as $200,000 in federal rebates, with potential for more provincial rebate savings

More new electric vehicles now eligible for federal EV rebate, but key concerns remain

While Transport Canada’s Earth Day announcement means some higher-priced electric vehicle models, particularly SUVs and pickups, are now eligible for the federal iZEV program, used EVs are still excluded and the rebate is unchanged at $5,000