Ivy Charging Network’s electric vehicle fast charging station in Huntsville Ont Photo PlugShare
Ivy Charging Network’s electric vehicle fast-charging station in Huntsville, Ont. Photo: PlugShare

Province’s biggest power generator and biggest transmission utility joining forces to deploy over 100 electric-vehicle fast-chargers in 43 locations by end of 2020

“Hi, I’m Ivy. Nice to meet you!” greets visitors to the Ivy Charging Network website.

Electric vehicle drivers in Ontario have a new charging choice — quietly unveiled in recent days — courtesy of a public-private partnership between the province’s two largest energy players.

Ontario Power Generation and Hydro One are the co-owners of Ontario Charging Network LP, which is the parent company of Ivy Charging Network.

“Ivy Charging Network will provide a consistent and easy experience for EV drivers across Ontario”

David Hutchinson, General Manager, Ivy Charging Network

Ivy went live on Sept. 30 in Huntsville, Ont., with two fast-charging units located in a Swiss Chalet parking lot adjacent to the Highway 11-Hanes Drive interchange.

In a statement provided exclusively to Electric Autonomy Canada, David Hutchinson, general manager of Ivy Charging Network, says: “Both Hydro One and OPG are uniquely positioned to create an effective, easy charging network that meets the needs of today’s EV drivers while also facilitating increased EV adoption in Ontario.”

Ontario Charging Network's Ivy Charger
Ontario Charging Network’s Ivy Charger. Image: Ontario Charging Network

The Huntsville location is currently offering “free charging as we continue to build our network,” according to the website.

Public launch in weeks

“We look forward to sharing more updates on our charging sites as they become operational and are planning to hold an official public launch within the coming weeks,” says Hutchinson.

The two 50-kW charging units, supplied by Australian-based Tritium, promise to deliver a 128-kilometre charge in 20 minutes. Any electric vehicle equipped with a fast-charging option will be able to plug in.

Huntsville is the first of the OCN LP partnership’s proposed 41 locations, which will span the province from Kenora in the west to Cornwall in the east, and reach as far north as Ignace. According to Hutchinson, the full network will have a mix of different chargers.

Ivy is pledging to have all 43 of its locations live by the end of 2020. It’s an ambitious goal that would make Ivy competitive with other private companies already offering charging options to consumers and managing vast networks across Canada.