OPG launches new fleet charging solution company, PowerON

Ontario’s largest power generator continues to expand into the electrification space with a newly announced subsidiary, PowerON Energy Solutions, which already boasts the TTC as a client and will help other fleets navigate charging infrastructure needs

Ivy Charging Network adds Level 2 charging with municipal partners while continuing its fast-charger rollout

The joint-venture remains on track to be one of Ontario’s largest fast-charging networks with its newly rebranded “Charge & Go” service, as it also launches a Level 2 “Park & Charge” service with 11 municipal and local business partners

Toronto Transit green-lights purchase of 300 new electric buses, to start rolling in 2023

The Toronto Transit Commission, which already operates North America’s largest electric bus fleet is looking to spend $300 million on their green fleet expansion, which includes key partnerships with Toronto Hydro and Ontario Power Generation

Expansion of Tesla superchargers marks growing strength of Canada’s EV charging networks

For Canada’s Tesla owners, who represented more than half of battery electric vehicle buyers in first nine months of last year, the proprietary supercharging network aligns with several other projects bridging charging infrastructure gaps between urban and rural Canada