With no major party leader denying climate change, Election 2021 may prove to be a watershed for clean transportation

Despite the familiar outcome, the federal election broke important new ground when, for the first time, party leaders of all political stripes presented platforms that positioned clean transportation as a key to climate action, writes Wilf Steimle, president of EV Society

In one-on-one interviews, federal candidates provide deeper insight on zero emission transportation policies

With the climate crisis high on every party’s political agenda and voters paying close attention to their clean transportation platforms, industry association Electric Mobility Canada invited each party to spell out where it stands on ZEV mandates, boosting supply chains, purchasing incentives and more

Liberals the latest party to make a ZEV mandate pledge, adding focus to 2021 election clean transportation platforms

Canadians’ choice of party to lead the next government will say a lot about the rate of this country’s transition to clean transportation, as the Conservatives, Bloc Québécois, New Democratic Party and Liberals make varying commitments on zero-emission vehicle sales mandates, targets and related policies

Electric mobility in Canada: Now is the time to be bolder

Accelerating the development of the electrification of transport will end up saving thousands of Canadian lives and billions of dollars while creating hundreds of thousands of high paying and high-quality sustainable jobs across the country, says EMC’s Daniel Breton