What autonomous shuttle setbacks in Whitby and Toronto tell us about safety and insurance issues for AVs in Canada

Who is at fault in an autonomous vehicle accident? Are autonomous driving features safe? Is your self-driving car insured? In the wake of a high-profile accident and autonomous shuttle cancellations in Whitby and Toronto, we asked industry experts for their takeaways and to reflect on our future AV landscape

Canada’s longest autonomous transit shuttle pilot launches in Whitby, Ont.

This week, Ontario’s Durham Region Transit cut the ribbon on the Whitby Autonomous Vehicle Electric — WAVE — shuttle pilot, a half-year project servicing a six-kilometre route linking a waterfront district with a commuter transit hub

Autonomous driving: Closer than you think?

Accidents that occur with auto-pilot engaged make headlines, but with the number and reach of autonomous vehicle trials spreading, more global jurisdictions legalizing AVs and major auto manufacturers featuring hands-free technology, autonomous driving is getting real. Yet industry experts say there are still some important barriers to overcome

Autonomous mobility takes a leap forward in Ontario with a trio of developments

AV shuttle pilots in Toronto and Whitby and new investment in Ottawa’s AV research facility will help advance the province’s position in driverless technology and services