A new EV charging solution for multi-res buildings: Evolute by EATON and EVdirect
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Jan 19, 2022
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The Evolute is an innovative smart solution to EV charging infrastructure that gives multi-residential unit buildings an alternative to the networked solution with all the same features and more.

EVdirect’s Evolute to offer multi-residential buildings an alternative to the current status quo for EV charging. Photo: EVdirect

The Evolute is an innovative smart solution to EV charging infrastructure that gives multi-residential unit buildings an alternative to the networked solution with all the same features and more

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Networked charging stations are used to manage portfolios of commercial buildings, create fleet charging systems, and monitor and bill for Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) stations. 

But sometimes a multi-unit residential building (MURB) requires a more complete solution than what networked stations can offer. 

That’s why EVdirect, in partnership with EATON, has developed the Evolute – a smart panel system that is an alternative solution to networked stations. It has been designed specifically for the multi-residential market to meet the needs of property developers, property managers, and end-users. So, what are some of the gaps in networked stations that the Evolute Smart System can fill?

Networked charging stations place the brains of the system within each charging station allowing them to communicate with each other. They can load-share and throttle power, receive commands from a management system to turn on and off, and also monitor usage for billing. 

Evolute can do those things too, with the key difference being that the smart system’s brains are in the EV power distribution panel.  This equates to some key advantages for the Evolute to meet MURB needs.

Charging Station – Open-protocol networked charging systems let you choose from a selection of integrated stations. The downfall is that only a particular networked station will work on the specific network, and they can be pricey. Proprietary stations offer even fewer choices. While you have the freedom of choosing which networked device you would like, you are still limited to a fraction of stations.  With the Evolute, there are no restrictions. Managed smart power delivery within the Evolute allows you to use any level 2 station or receptacle — including Tesla Wall Connectors.

Connectivity & Communication – The majority of networked charging stations are Wi-Fi based. In the event the Wi-Fi system goes down or becomes unstable, the stations may not work sufficiently or efficiently. The Evolute is a PLC-based system with hard-wired internet. In the event you lose internet, the panel continues to operate as normal for charging. It also continues to record data and uploads the data once connection is re-established.

Billing & Monitoring – With open-protocol networked systems you have the option to choose between multiple software management companies with similar offerings. Some software management companies can charge high monthly fees on top of electricity usage and use a revenue sharing billing method. With the Evolute you have different options. You can use the integrated billing option with low monthly fees, no revenue sharing, and no contracts. Administrators are provided access to the software and data for buildings that want to manage their payments and billing internally. Finally, the Evolute System can be used with any third- party metering company should you wish to outsource billing.

Read more about the EATON & EVdirect collaboration success story here.

At its core Evolute strives to be about freedom and choices and a one-stop-shop for your EV system. 

Last month, EATON, EVdirect, and Plug‘n Drive, hosted a webinar further discussing the considerations and benefits of the Evolute for multi-residential applications. Follow this link to find out more.

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For inquiries on the Evolute system, please contact us at:

EVdirect Inc.
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416 635 6854

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