Quebec’s Electric Circuit signs twin charging network roaming agreements with ChargePoint, Mercedes
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Dec 16, 2021
Mehanaz Yakub

Electric Circuit and ChargePoint will allow roaming access across their networks, while Mercedes-Benz EQ drivers will also be able to use the Hydro-Québec network through the automaker’s “Mercedes me Charge” system

The story of EV charging collaboration continues as Electric Circuit and Chargepoint sign a roaming agreement. Photo: Chargepoint

Electric Circuit and ChargePoint will allow roaming access across their networks, while Mercedes-Benz EQ drivers will also be able to use the Hydro-Québec network through the automaker’s Mercedes me Charge system

Plugging in an electric vehicle at an Electric Circuit or ChargePoint station is a lot more seamless, with the operators now enabling roaming agreements across their networks.

The roaming agreements means EV owners will no longer need multiple accounts or subscriptions to charge at either of these providers’ stations. A single Electric Circuit or ChargePoint mobile app or card will do the trick instead.

“Our goal has always been to make life easier for electric motorists and to accompany them on their journeys. This new roaming connection demonstrates it once again by giving our members access to the largest network of electric vehicle charging stations in North America, which will help them in their travels outside Quebec,” says France Lampron, director, mobility at Hydro-Québec in a press statement.

Based in Quebec, and operated by Hydro-Québec, Electric Circuit is the largest public charging network for EVs in the province, with over 3,300 public charging stations — including 600 DC fast chargers. The Electric Circuit network stations are often built out by FLO/AddÉnergie. ChargePoint, for its part, operates 40,000 charging stations across North America.

The roaming integration is made possible by a clearinghouse platform developed by Quebec-based MOGILE Technologies, which allows different charging networks to communicate together.

Mercedes-Benz intergration

Electric Circuit will also be adding Mercedes-Benz Canada’s official charging ecosystem, Mercedes me Charge to its network, which will grant the german automaker’s EQ drivers access to Electric Circuit’s charging stations in Québec and Eastern Ontario.

“Mercedes-Benz Canada is thrilled that drivers of our electric vehicles will be able to seamlessly charge on the Hydro-Québec network via the Mercedes me connect app and dashboard,” said the president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Canada, Eva Wiese, in a press statement. “This new integration with Electric Circuit will significantly increase Mercedes-EQ drivers’ access to EV charging stations…including a major boost to the number of DC fast-charging stations in the Mercedes me Charge ecosystem.”

Mercedes partnered with ChargePoint to enable the charging process of the EVs. The access to Electric Circuits stations was facilitated by ChargePoint, which now supports both Mercedes me Charge and Electric Circuit networks.

Mercedes says the new addition to charging access will benefit drivers of its all-electric EQS sedan and other Mercedes-EQ vehicles to come. By 2022, Mercedes me Charge users can also start using Plug and Charge functionality with their vehicles.

Extending charging coverage

This is not the first time Electric Circuit has extended its network coverage to include other charging providers.

Using an Electric Circuit card, EV drivers can also have access to FLO and New Brunswick’s eCharge network. The original expansion was met with positive responses from drivers.

With these new roaming agreements with ChargePoint, users of the Electric Circuit app will be able to utilize some of the special features (previously exclusive to Quebec drivers) across North America.

“With a growing number of electric vehicles on Canada’s road, we believe that seamlessly connecting EV drivers to charging stations across the country and North America will be essential,” says Bill Loewenthal, senior vice president, product at ChargePoint in a press statement.

“This integration expands our ongoing efforts to deliver a superior driver experience to EV drivers in Canada and North America.”

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