Plug and Charge, the best medicine for EV charging headaches — in Norway and North America

EV Society’s Stephen Bieda took a spin around Norway in a rental EV while at EVS35. Turns out even the world’s leading country in EV adoption struggles with a fragmented public charging network, Bieda tells Electric Autonomy Canada

Shell Canada secures $3.95 million in federal funding to set up EV fast-charging network in five provinces

The latest update to Natural Resources Canada’s list of applicants awarded funding for EV charging infrastructure shows that Shell Canada has received $3.95 million for 79 electric vehicle fast charging portals, while 7-Eleven netted $300,000 in the same round

Major EV charging networks sign roaming agreement, opening door for more flexibility

Canadian electric vehicle fleet operators and drivers are set to benefit from the convenience of using one card or app to access chargers from some of North America’s largest networks