Daymak launches Avvenire, a line of high-end, made-in-Canada light electric vehicles
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Dec 1, 2020
Jasmin Legatos

The Toronto company plans to roll out the first two of six new micro-mobility offerings in late 2021

The Daymak Avvenire collection. Source: Daymak

The Toronto company plans to roll out the first two of six new micro-mobility offerings in late 2021

Toronto-based electric bike and electric scooter manufacturer Daymak has announced plans to launch six light-electric vehicles (LEVs) under the banner “Avvenire,” as it ventures further into the growing micro-mobility market. 

The lineup includes: an e-bike capable of running 100 kilometres on a single charge; a covered, single-passenger recumbent e-bike with back-up camera; an all-wheel drive, four-season mobility scooter with optional autonomous capabilities; an emission-free all-terrain vehicle; a three-wheel, two-seat coupé; and a manned drone that would have to be flown by a licensed pilot. All the vehicles, save the drone, would have solar-charging capabilities. 

The LEVs will be manufactured in Canada and create up to 500 new jobs, according to the company’s founder Aldo Baiocchi.

Solar-powered alternatives

“This will redefine what it means to travel using light electric vehicles. The technology we are designing will incorporate solar power to our fully enclosed vehicle line for an efficient, comfortable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional carbon emitting vehicles right at our doorstep,” Baiocchi says.

The company’s manufacturing strategy stands in contrast to the announcement made earlier this year by homegrown competitor Electra Meccanica, which is producing its three-wheel, single-occupant electric car, SOLO, in the United States. 

Per Daymak, Avvenire is already in development and the full line will be available by 2025. It expects to start delivering the two e-bike models, Terra and the enclosed Foras, in late 2021. 

“At Daymak our goal is to make outstanding clean vehicles that make a positive impact on the environment for today and future generations. We build our vehicles to give freedom of movement that are also a joy to ride,” Baiocchi adds.

Higher-end departure

Incorporated in 2002, Daymak is best known as a distributor and developer of mid-range e-bikes, e-scooters and other light personal electric vehicles. The futuristic-looking Avvenire — think sleek black frames and gullwing doors/hatches — is a higher-end departure for the company, with prices starting at $3,500 for the Terra up to a “yet-to-be announced” price for the Skyrider drone. 

This is Daymak’s second major product announcement this year. In February, it unveiled a foldable, quick-assembly e-bike, mobility scooter and e-scooter aimed at mass market retailers and consumers. It currently has distribution in Canada, in some parts of the United States, a few European countries, as well as in Japan, Puerto Rico and Guatemala, according to its website. 

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