Kruger Energy orders two Peterbilt electric semi-trailer trucks for Quebec fleet
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Sep 21, 2021
Mehanaz Yakub

The two Peterbilt electric trucks will be the first of their Class 8s to run on Canadian roads and the Kruger’s first electric truck purchase

Kruger Energy is set to acquire two Peterbilt 579EV electric trucks

The two trucks are not only the first of Peterbilt’s new Class 8 electric semi-trailer trucks sold for use in Canada, but also Kruger’s first electric truck purchase

Kruger Energy, a Montreal-based developer and manager of renewable energy power plants, is taking a step towards sustainable transportation by purchasing a twin set of Peterbilt 579EV electric semi-trailer trucks that will begin delivering goods between Kruger facilities in Quebec by the end of this year.  

The trucks are Kruger Energy’s first electric vehicle order in Canada, says the company. In its announcement about the purchase, Kruger Energy, which was founded in 2004 by parent company Kruger Inc., a pulp and paper giant, says that the truck model was chosen with not only battery life, range and pricing considerations in mind, but also because it keeps many of the features of the combustion engine version.

“Kruger Energy is setting a strong message throughout Canada that sustainable transportation using battery-electric commercial vehicles is a reality right now,” said Jason Skoog, Peterbilt general manager and PACCAR vice-president in the Krugger announcement. 

Skoog confirmed the Peterbilt trucks are the first of the Class 8 model to be ordered in Canada.

A “natural extension” of its business 

Kruger Energy manages and operates 42 renewable energy power plants across North America, ranging from hydroelectric, wind and solar to biomass energy and energy storage.

In using these new Peterbilt electric trucks, the company says it will reduce its emissions by 380 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year — or the equivalent of removing 90 passenger vehicles from the road. The zero-emission trucks are also quieter, meaning a reduction in noise pollution.   

As part of Kruger’s first project in sustainable transportation, the company also plans to collect data from the trucks’ batteries to study and help expand on their expertise in energy storage and renewable energy development. 

“The electrification of transportation is a natural extension of our capabilities,” says Jean Roy, Kruger Energy’s chief operating officer. “This is an exciting first step as we continue to explore opportunities to expand our fleet of alternatively fuelled vehicles, and also to advise other companies that are ready to take the leap toward zero-emission transportation.”

Neither Peterbilt or Kruger Energy announced the delivery date of the electric trucks.

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