Plug and Charge, the best medicine for EV charging headaches — in Norway and North America

EV Society’s Stephen Bieda took a spin around Norway in a rental EV while at EVS35. Turns out even the world’s leading country in EV adoption struggles with a fragmented public charging network, Bieda tells Electric Autonomy Canada

I’m driving my Nissan Leaf through a Canadian winter for the first time. This is what I’ve learned so far

Through southern Ontario’s blizzards, freezing rain, fierce winds and frigid temperatures, Electric Autonomy’s managing editor, Emma Jarratt, shares the adjustments that driving an electric vehicle in the winter requires

Electrifying a market giant: Why Ford’s new Lightning pickup is the biggest innovation in F-150 history

For many reasons, Ford’s Lightning F-150 electric pickup truck could become a landmark in the transition to electric personal mobility in Canada. First, is its value compared to its internal-combustion siblings. Second, is Ford’s compelling history in this market sector, Peter Vella explains

Quebec risks a critical circular economy misstep with proposed EV battery recycling plan

Newly proposed regulation that arbitrarily caps the lifespan of EV batteries at 10 years and forces mandatory recycling risks stifling battery longevity innovation and promotes a disposable car culture, cautions Dr. Jeff Dahn

With no major party leader denying climate change, Election 2021 may prove to be a watershed for clean transportation

Despite the familiar outcome, the federal election broke important new ground when, for the first time, party leaders of all political stripes presented platforms that positioned clean transportation as a key to climate action, writes Wilf Steimle, president of EV Society