Electric vehicles and the future of transportation

Electric Autonomy Canada is an independent media and events company reporting on the transition to electric vehicles, autonomous transportation and new mobility services. 

Our content showcases original journalism and opinions from industry leaders. Our mission is to highlight Canadian innovation, and facilitate knowledge sharing and best practices across diverse industry sectors and all levels of government.

Our focus on people and policies will help empower Canadian leaders to make confident decisions on the adoption of these exciting new technologies.

Complementing existing industry organizations, we share industry news and provide a platform to showcase innovation, thought leadership and success stories.

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• Powered by original journalism and quality editorial principles
• A national perspective to trends in the Canadian market
• Independent, politically neutral
• B2B/B2G industry orientation


An enabler of knowledge sharing, industry networking and supply chain development

A forum for thought leadership, opinions and insights on technology adoption

A databank of research, case studies, solutions

A benchmarker of regional and national best practices through industry rankings and awards

A facilitator of change, highlighting, for example, emerging jobs, new skills and retraining