Our Purpose

Electric Autonomy Canada’s editorial view is that the transition to electric, autonomous and on-demand mobility:

  • Has the potential to result in enormous benefits for society, such as safer, cleaner and more economical road transportation
  • Requires accuracy and transparency about the opportunities, risks and benefits
  • Must involve collaboration across diverse industry sectors and all levels of government to ensure positive outcomes and minimal downside to those disrupted
Canada's safer cleaner more economical transportation future

Technological disruption and climate change are imposing market-led pressure on the road transport industry. Electric, autonomous and on-demand vehicles promise a transportation future that is safer, cleaner and more affordable. But with 24 million vehicles on Canada’s roads, mostly powered by internal combustion engines, the scale of the transition is enormous and will have profound effects on our society and economy.

Not all the change will be good for everyone. Although many jobs will be created, some jobs and industries that we know today will disappear. We have an obligation to help secure good outcomes for those negatively disrupted.

What we’re driving towards:

  • Canada takes a leadership position in this transition, to ensure our society is among the first to benefit from these advancements and that our economy benefits from made-in-Canada technology
  • Solutions that have community-wide impacts are chosen for Canada by Canadians
  • Thoughtful consideration is given to those who are disrupted