image of Mercedes eSprinter now available in Canada
Today, Mercedes announced that the electric version of its popular Sprinter cargo van will be available for order at Canadian dealerships at the end of October. Photo: Mercedes

The all-electric eSprinter will be available for order at Canadian dealerships at the end of October and is eligible for the federal iMHZEV incentive

Canadian businesses and fleet operators waiting to order a Mercedes-Benz eSprinter cargo van can mark their calendars and check their bank statements.

Today, Mercedes announced the electric version of its popular eSprinter cargo van will be available for order at dealerships in Canada at the end of October.

The eSprinter’s base MSRP is $97,990. It qualifies for the federal government’s iMHZEV EV program purchase incentive of up to $10,000. The eSprinter may also qualify for provincial incentives.

The eSprinter was first released exclusively in Europe in 2019. In February, Mercedes announced the electric 2024 eSprinter would be coming to market in Canada this fall; details to follow.

Now those details are here.

Range and other specs

The eSprinter offers 400 kilometres of range, based on European WLTP figures. Its standard maximum charging speed at DC fast-charging stations is 50 kW. But an optional upgrade will enable fast-charging to a maximum of 115 kW.

The vehicle has a 170-inch wheelbase with a high roof configuration and a 113 kW battery. The motor is available in two power levels: 100 or 150 kilowatts of peak output (136 hp or 204 hp). Both deliver torque of up to the 295 lb.-ft. for at least 30 seconds.

The van’s maximum payload is 1,190 kilograms and its maximum gross vehicle weight is 4.25 tonnes. Load capacity by volume is 14 cubic metres.

According to today’s press release, the eSprinter features “three different drive programs and five recuperation stages” to optimize electrical consumption and range.

Says Mercedes: “A special advantage is the automatic function (D Auto) in which the car automatically defines the energy recovery rate based on the traffic situation. A radar sensor and navigation data automatically adjust the recuperation level to ensure optimized recuperation. The three drive programs (eco, comfort and max range) can further assist the driver to drive particularly efficient or with maximum comfort.”

Mercedes’ MBUX multimedia system is available as an option. It includes voice control, touchscreen, touchpad and touch control buttons on the steering wheel.