Toolkit & Resources for Fleet Electrification

Try EV-first thinking in your organization! Need to lease a company car for an executive, sales rep or project manager? Looking to buy a van or truck for deliveries or send technicians out on regional or urban routes? There’s an EV for that.

💡 The next time you need to procure a vehicle, prove that it needs to be driven by an engine, not the other way around

Get started with the EV Fleets Toolkit…

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Click here for details on how to evaluate if a vehicle in your fleet can go electric – also called a suitability assessment. 


Click here to understand total cost of ownership, browse the latest electric vehicle listings and play around with our fuel vs. electricity cost calculator, created in partnership with the International Council on Clean Transportation. 

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Watch our Youtube playlist for case studies and webinars on electrifying your fleet. 


Find professional support in our directory of leading electrification suppliers.

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Debunk your worst fears about EVs. It’s ok. We understand this is all new. 

The links above are all from Electric Autonomy’s free digital learning platform, which guides you step-by-step from A to EV with best practices from industry experts. Our members already represent upwards of 7000 vehicles, all working towards the goal of electrification. Join the community for free and get invitations to special events, like test drive opportunities and live learning webinars. Sign up now.

Next steps

🚛 Get a pilot underway

Collect your data, iron out the wrinkles and have fun. Experience the benefits of tail-pipe-free driving: No more idling costs, no more fuel cards or gas station stops, no more worrying about your Scope 3 emissions.

📣 Tell clients, customers and the internet

Put 100% electric on the side of your vehicle to make it selfie ready. You’ll get a lot of love when one of your electric trucks pulls up to a customer’s home to deliver a package or hook up their wifi.

🙌 Share your learnings with friends and frenemies

Yeah, it’s counter-intuitive, but making your data public will increase the network effects of electrification, bringing everyone’s costs down as adoption of this technology increases. Get in touch with us to talk at next year’s Expo or participate in one of NACFE’s Run on Less Electric programs.