Canada’s EV charging networks grow, with fast charger installations up 39 per cent in 2021

Electric Autonomy Canada’s annual tally of Canada’s public EV charger installations and network buildouts shows faster growth in 2021, with a 39 per cent increase in DC fast chargers and 18 per cent charger growth overall

SWTCH Energy vehicle-to-grid pilot testing load management solutions

As multi-unit residential building owners face accommodating electric vehicle charging infrastructure, a new SWTCH vehicle-to-grid pilot is gathering data on the possibilities of a smart, bidirectional system

Behind the scenes: How one condo retrofitted EV charging stations

A novel approach in smart energy management behind the meter is making EV charging stations more viable in condos and multi-unit residential buildings. Here’s a case study on how one property manager and condo board approached the solution and got their building EV Ready

Canadian EV charging networks post double-digit growth since start of pandemic

You’re not just imagining it. There are more EV charging stations out there. Our latest tally of Canadian charging network deployments shows a 22 per cent increase in fast-charger installations since last March. Despite a rough 10 months, there are now fewer gaps in Canada’s EV infrastructure