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In an eventful year for public EV charging, Canada just broke the 27,000-charger mark — one of the highlights in Electric Autonomy’s annual tally of public EV charger installations, by network, in Canada

Emma JarrattMehanaz Yakub
Mar 7, 2024
19 minute read

With $495,000 in funding, the study will develop a roadmap with a goal of transitioning over 2,800 school buses to electric power

Emma Jarratt
Feb 26, 2024
3 minute read

The Port of Montreal, with its partners, are exploring ways to integrate alternative fuels and adopt electric technologies that will help to create a green shipping corridor between Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador

Mehanaz Yakub
Jan 25, 2024
6 minute read

An end-of-year thank you to our readers, industry colleagues and advertisers before Electric Autonomy breaks from publishing until Jan. 2

Nino Di Cara
Dec 22, 2023
3 minute read

Drive Electric NL is getting funding to expand programming as the number of EVs in the province soars

Emma Jarratt
Aug 4, 2023
2 minute read

The interactive map is a powerful resource for understanding the up to date status of Canada’s zero-emission vehicle industry

Emma Jarratt
Jul 7, 2023
3 minute read

The bylaw tracker serves as the comprehensive Canadian guide to those jurisdictions making sure MURBS, condos and stratas are EV-ready

Electric Autonomy Staff
Jul 5, 2023
3 minute read

Electric Autonomy’s latest annual EV-ready multi-unit residential building bylaw report finds some Canadian cities are making progress in lowering barriers to at-home EV charging, but many still lag

Josh Kozelj
May 24, 2023
9 minute read

The buses, funded through a joint partnership between Infrastructure Canada and Highland Electric Fleets, will lower the Alberta school district’s carbon footprint and improve air quality for students

Mehanaz Yakub
Mar 30, 2023
4 minute read

Canada’s public EV charging networks have broken the 20,000-charger mark — one of the highlights in Electric Autonomy Canada’s latest annual tally of public EV charger installations, by network, in Canada

Emma JarrattMehanaz Yakub
Mar 14, 2023
19 minute read
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