Canadian Coast Guard adopts hybrid-electric vessel, explores low-carbon fuel options

Canada’s seafaring fleet is exploring multiple ways to reduce its carbon emissions with the Canadian Coast Guard opening bids to construct a hybrid-electric fishery research vessel and testing biodiesel blends to lower emissions in its combustion vessels

Atlantic Canada makes strides to decarbonize commercial marine vessels

With pressure building on the commercial marine sector to decarbonize, stakeholders in the Atlantic Provinces are taking the lead with pilot programs, vessel launches and policy research to develop new solutions for commercial watercraft

BC Ferries’ new hybrid-electric vessels just the start of a major electrification push

In an exclusive interview, BC Ferries CEO Mark Collins outlines his plan to convert at least half of the operator’s 36-vessel fleet to electric, updates his pitch for government support, and reflects on a disappointing lack of interest from Canadian shipyards

Nova Scotia to get first electric ferry in $3.3-million electrified transport and net-zero passenger terminal initiative

The Halifax Regional Municipality is adding an electric ferry to its public transportation fleet as part of electrification transition, it said in a June announcement

As electric boats push off, where does Canada stand?

Both passenger ferries and pleasure crafts are beginning to electrify across Canada. As the sector comes to life, there is still much that can be done by forward minded policy leaders and investors