With no major party leader denying climate change, Election 2021 may prove to be a watershed for clean transportation

Despite the familiar outcome, the federal election broke important new ground when, for the first time, party leaders of all political stripes presented platforms that positioned clean transportation as a key to climate action, writes Wilf Steimle, president of EV Society

As federal election nears, survey compares party platforms on EV adoption policies

In the lead up to Canada’s federal election the Electric Vehicle Society reached out to each federal party about five areas with respect to boosting EV adoption across the country

Coalitions among Canadian stakeholders are essential to avoid EV dystopia

Sustainable transportation hinges on EV adoption, but it also requires that there is fewer cars, more transit, safer streets and sound planning. Ultimately, the wide array of benefits means there are many potential allies for EV advocates to work with in turning heads and motivating elected officials.