Ontario could be a leader in the global electric vehicle market, says new Pembina Institute report

Ontario is in a position to seize an opportunity in the EV market that would create tens of thousands of jobs and generate billions in profit if the province gets bullish on the EV economy

$20m in private capital to accelerate the electrification of commercial fleets

With an innovative “EV as a Service” model, 7 Generation Capital aims to seize the relatively untapped market potential of commercial fleets looking for low-risk options to transition to EVs

Electric vehicle technology jobs to grow 26 fold to 184,000 by 2030

As energy demand shifts away from fossil fuels, clean energy looks to benefit with a forecast of 184,000 jobs specifically in electric vehicle technology, according to a report by Clean Energy Canada

B.C. budget’s $506 million in ZEV and cleantech investments keeps EV momentum building

Last week’s provincial 2021 budget includes a substantial investment in the province’s CleanBC climate plan, though some argue it could have gone further in embracing net-zero opportunities

A critical requirement for Alberta’s energy transition: storytellers

As the oil-producing province recasts a vision for the future where transportation is electrified, Nathan Lemphers highlights the need for new, widely understood regional narratives across the country that coalitions can use to advocate for stronger electric vehicle policy

With a “radically changed” policy environment for electric and autonomous vehicles, what form should post-COVID stimulus take?

Situation is ripe for a doubling down on investment in supply chain, charging infrastructure, education and workforce training, experts say, to meet immediate needs and spark long-term growth in Canada’s clean transportation economy