New Quebec provincial budget reduces EV purchase incentives, while B.C.’s removes sales tax on used EVs

Lower electric vehicle rebates, more charging stations and support for the development of minerals for EV batteries highlight Quebec’s 2022-2023 budget. Across the country, B.C.’s budget sweetened the deal for used EV buyers

A critical requirement for Alberta’s energy transition: storytellers

As the oil-producing province recasts a vision for the future where transportation is electrified, Nathan Lemphers highlights the need for new, widely understood regional narratives across the country that coalitions can use to advocate for stronger electric vehicle policy

Federal government announces $1.5-billion for zero-emission buses and charging infrastructure

Funds are part of a $10-billion Canadian Infrastructure Bank Growth Plan to shore up the economy with investments in clean energy and low-carbon building retrofits, agriculture and broadband initiatives

With a “radically changed” policy environment for electric and autonomous vehicles, what form should post-COVID stimulus take?

Situation is ripe for a doubling down on investment in supply chain, charging infrastructure, education and workforce training, experts say, to meet immediate needs and spark long-term growth in Canada’s clean transportation economy