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Market Intelligence on New Mobility

Electric Autonomy Research provides research services independent of our editorial publishing operations for clients and in partnership with third parties.

Draw on our network of industry experts and access to market intelligence to help your organization succeed in the transition to zero emissions transportation and advanced mobility services.

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Recent Research Projects

EV fleets homepage

EV Fleets Knowledge Hub

The EV Fleets course, powered by Electric Autonomy Canada, is designed to get you and your business ready for an electric vehicle fleet.

Winners of EV charging station design competition

The Electric Fuelling Station of the Future Design Awards

Generating over 100 original design concepts from around the world, Electric Autonomy’s EV charging station design awards, provides unique insights on the future of the design of public charging infrastructure.

an infographic style image of a roadway with stops displaying survey stats

2022 Canadian Driver Survey

In partnership with the EV Society of Canada and the Association des Véhicules Électriques du Québec, our survey of over 800 drivers across Canada generated new and unique insights into the expectations of drivers on their highway charging stops.

Action Events fleets forum and working groups visual graphic

Barriers to light duty fleet EV adoption

Following a national forum of over 50 industry professionals and government representatives, a series of working groups explored solutions to wide-scale adoption of light duty electric vehicles in fleet operations.
Co-founders of the Action Events program.