BRP adds two new electric snowmobiles to its zero-emission lineup
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Feb 26, 2024
Mehanaz Yakub

Quebec-based BRP now offers four electric snowmobiles and plans to have a least one electric model in all of its power sports lines by 2026

BRP has added two new electric models to its 2025 lineup of snowmobiles: the Ski-Doo Expedition Electric and the Lynx Adventure Electric. Photo: BRP

Quebec-based BRP now offers four electric snowmobiles and plans to have a least one electric model in all of its power sports lines by 2026

Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP), the Quebec-based, global manufacturer of power sport vehicles, is doubling the size of its electric snowmobile lineup with the introduction of two new 2025 models: the Ski-Doo Expedition Electric and the Lynx Adventure Electric.

The new models are designed for various commercial uses, including short-distance travel for personnel at ski centres and resorts.

BRP is using its Rotax E-Power technology to act as the powertrain for its electric snowmobiles.

“BRP is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of its products while creating new ways to move people,” says BRP in a press release. “Additionally, these units benefit from over 60 years of snowmobile industry leadership…they include many of the comfort features and riding amenities of the gas-powered models.”

The Ski-Doo electric-powered models will be exclusive to North America, while Lynx electric-powered models will be available only in Europe, says a spokesperson for BRP to Electric Autonomy.

First electric snowmobiles

BRP unveiled its first-ever electric snowmobiles last year: the 2024 Ski-Doo Grand Touring Electric and the Lynx Adventure Electric models.

The core difference between those and the 2025 models is in the track length, says BRP. The 2024 models feature shorter tracks tailored for a better range on groomed trails, whereas the 2025 models have wider, longer tracks designed to offer better flotation, traction and versatility in the backcountry.

“Electric snowmobiles are silent, which allows adventurers a serene and unforgettable experience.”

Dave Knaus, owner, Off-Grid Experiences Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Moreover, the 2024 models were purpose-built for the Uncharted Society outfitters and tour operators. The Uncharted Society program, launched by BRP, provides “adventure seekers” the opportunity to go on multi-day tours and use the BRP vehicles in different terrains.

By initially distributing its first electric snowmobiles to outfitters, BRP aimed to evaluate their performance and operational needs in a controlled environment before launching the 2025 models, which will be available for retail purchase next year, says the spokesperson.

BRP says the Grand Touring Electric and Adventure Electric snowmobiles can cover distances of up to 50 kilometres, making them optimal for guided snowmobile excursions.

Charging with FLO

Earlier this month, Off-Grid Experiences Jackson Hole, a guided snowmobile tour operator that is part of BRP’s Uncharted Society network, added the 2024 Ski-Doo Grand Touring Electric to its adventure fleet.

Photo: FLO

Additionally, it partnered with FLO EV Charging to install charging stations at Off-Grid Experiences’s headquarters in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

“Bringing the most durable EV chargers — which can operate in temperatures as low as -40°F [4°C] — to Jackson Hole will revolutionize outdoor recreation that respects and protects the natural beauty of places like Wyoming,” says Nathan Yang, FLO chief product officer in a press statement. “Our EV chargers are helping power up Off-Grid to make adventuring a clean, environmentally friendly experience.”

Those interested can reserve a two-hour tour of the Turpin Meadow Trail, as well as excursions across the Teton Mountains in Wyoming.

“Electric snowmobiles are silent, which allows adventurers a serene and unforgettable experience in the Teton mountains,” says Dave Knaus, owner of Off-Grid Experiences Jackson Hole. 

“FLO chargers keep our sleds charged up and on the trail. But they also are helping ensure the breathtaking landscapes we explore today remain pristine for generations to come.”

Those interested in experiencing the Grand Touring Electric at a Canadian site can visit Uncharted Society locations in Mailbaie, Montebello, and St-David-De-Falardeau, Que.

BRP’s electric vision

BRP’s vision for electric power sports vehicles goes well beyond a few snowmobiles. In fact, it is spending more than $300 million to bring more battery-powered power sports vehicles to market.

The company’s product lineup encompasses a wide range of vehicle types and brands, and BRP has set a target to incorporate at least one electric model in each line by 2026. Besides Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, those lines include: Sea-Doo watercraft and pontoons, Can-Am on and off-road vehicles, Alumacraft and Quintrex boats, Manitou pontoons and Rotax marine propulsion systems as well as Rotax engines for karts and recreational aircraft.

To enable this, BRP created an Electric Vehicle Development Centre in Valcourt, Que., in 2021. This facility is dedicated to the development of chargers and battery packs and integrating the batteries into the vehicles. It features advanced test benches and dynamometers and a “robotized manufacturing cell for electric batteries.” (A robotized manufacturing cell is a small modular room — or cell — with robotic equipment inside.) The centre is also where the electric snowmobiles are manufactured.

In August 2022, BRP unveiled the first two models of its Can-Am all-electric motorcycle lineup, the Can-Am Origin and Can-Am Pulse as well as an all-new electric hydrofoil board, the Sea-Doo Rise. All three products will be available in mid-2024.

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