EV Fleets Pro course now available in French
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Jul 10, 2024
Electric Autonomy Staff

Say “Bonjour” to Electric  Autonomy’s Parcs VE course

Following the success of the English-language EV Fleets Pro course, Electric Autonomy is pleased to offer the French translation, Parcs VE. Photo: Electric Autonomy

Say “Bonjour” to Electric  Autonomy‘s Parcs VE course

Following the launch of the successful English version, Electric Autonomy‘s EV Fleets Pro course is now accessible in both official languages, at no cost.

In order to reach the broadest North American audience, learners may access all learning modules and many of the program’s supplementary tools and resources in French as well as English.

“Offering a French translation has been a major goal of the EV Fleets Pro course since day one,” says Ilana Weitzman, VP of strategic development, clean transportation, at Electric Autonomy.

“Our goal is to give fleet operators access to clear guidance from industry experts as well as their peers, all in one easy-to-navigate reference, so they can be successful in electrifying their vehicle fleets. There is so much misinformation circulating right now that it is even more important, in both English and French, to show how this technology works in practice and has benefited fleets both large and small, especially in the light and medium duty classes.”

Free EV fleets education

The EV Fleets Pro course is a series of free learning modules aimed at fleet managers, operators, logistics professionals, procurement specialists, sustainability stakeholders or executives looking to transition to zero-emission mobility.

The course includes six lessons, each with quizzes throughout to test your knowledge. Along the way, industry experts offer advice and insights from their own experiences.

Upon successful completion of the lessons and the final quiz, course participants receive a certificate.

“We believe the curriculum covers what decision-makers need to know as they navigate a new roadmap for their organization,” says Weitzman.

“At the end, we hope the people who take our course not only feel a sense of accomplishment but also a boost in their confidence as they take their learnings back to their companies to inform the path forward to zero-emission transportation.”

To access the EV Fleets Pro course in French visit here.

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