EV Innovation & Technology Conference 2023

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This one-day event will bring together the brightest minds working to accelerate and transform electric vehicle manufacturing in Canada.


Marissa West photo and GM logo

Marissa West
President and Managing Director
GM Canada

Jean Marc Leclerc Headshot

Jean Marc Leclerc
President and Chief Executive Officer
Honda Canada

Linda Hasenfratz photo and logo

Linda Hasenfratz
Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Linamar Corporation

Victor Fedeli Headshot

The Honourable Victor Fedeli
Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade
Government of Ontario

Lana Payne Headshot with Unifor logo

Lana Payne
National President

Jayson Myers Headshot

Jayson Myers
Chief Executive Officer
Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen)

Rob Wildeboer Headshot

Rob Wildeboer
Executive Chairman and Co-Founder
Martinrea International

Eva Carissimi Headshot

Eva Carissimi
Vice President and General Manager
Lithion Recycling Inc.

Ali Emadi
Professor and Canada Excellence Research Chair Laureate, McMaster Automotive Resource Centre
McMaster University

Lauren Tedesco Headshot

Lauren Tedesco
Senior Vice President
Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA)

Rafal Janik Headshot

Rafal Janik
Chief Operating Officer

Wally Hunter Headshot with Enertech Capital logo

Wally Hunter
Managing Director
EnerTech Capital

Kunal Phalpher President of Li-Metal

Kunal Phalpher
Li-Metal Corp.

Guido Benvenuto Headshot

Guido Benvenuto
Vice President Engineering

Asmae Mokrini Headshot

Asmae Mokrini
Team Lead Materials for Energy Technologies
National Research Council of Canada

Ahmed Elganzouri Headshot with Magna logo

Ahmed Elganzouri
Sustainability Director
Magna International Inc.

Simon Thibault Headshot

Simon Thibeault
Senior Director – Battery Value Chain
Investissement Québec

Birgit Matthiesen Headshot with ArentFox Schiff logo

Birgit Matthiesen
Director for North America Manufacturing
ArentFox Schiff LLP

Matthew Fortier Headshot

Matthew Fortier
President and Chief Executive Officer

Rachel Doran
Director of Policy & Strategy
Clean Energy Canada

Daniel Breton
President and Chief Executive Officer
Electric Mobility Canada

Simon Pillarella Headshot

Simon Pillarella
Director, Skilled Labor & Funding
Propulsion Québec

Shelley Hirstwood photograph

Shelley Hirstwood
Director of Business Development
Kingston Economic Development Corporation

Adrian Tylim Headshot

Adrian Tylim
Head Business Development Americas
Blue Solutions

Soroush Nazarpour
President & CEO

John Laughlin Headshot

John Laughlin
Chief Technology Officer
Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen)

Mark McArthur Headshot

Mark McArthur
Director, Internal R&D

Emma Jarratt photograph

Emma Jarratt
Executive Editor
Electric Autonomy

Dan Blondal Headshot

Dan Blondal
Chief Executive Officer, Director & Founder
Nano One Materials Corp.

John Matovich Alectra Utlilites

John Matovich
Executive Vice President, Energy Solutions and Growth
Alectra Inc.

John Stackhouse
Senior Vice-President, Office of the CEO

Nino Di Cara Headshot

Nino Di Cara
Founder & President
Electric Autonomy

Jennifer Rogers EY photograph

Jennifer Rogers
National Automotive and Transportation Leader
EY Canada

Todd Janke Headshot

Todd Janke
Vice President, Innovation, Cost Management and Modeling
Adient plc

The global market for electric vehicles is expected to surpass $1 trillion by 2030.

Canada has the potential to be a world leader in the shift, thanks to its advanced manufacturing capabilities, stable geopolitics, progressive policies, high environmental standards, proven operational excellence, abundant raw materials and renowned centres of research.

Many leading automakers and battery supply chain producers are committed here, yet the transition still presents strategic challenges.

This first-of-its kind conference will chart a path forward through which Canadian companies, solutions and expertise can compete, lead and succeed in this new industry.

Future of mobility abstract image


Electric vehicle test drives will be available throughout the day from 8:30am to 5pm
Sponsored by Foss National Leasing

7:45amRegistration and breakfast
8:45amConference commences
• Welcome by Nino Di Cara, Founder & President, Electric Autonomy
• Introduction by Jayson Myers, Chief Executive Officer, NGen Next Generation Manufacturing Canada
9:00amPanel: Retooling the Manufacturing Landscape
As the backbone of Canada’s auto industry, component manufacturing and vehicle assembly are also front and centre in the EV transition. New players are emerging and established producers are confronting a world in which everything they work with — materials, processes, suppliers, products, buyers — is in flux. In this session, leaders from manufacturing, labour and policy will frame the main themes and high-level challenges facing the sector and showcase examples of the strategies, partnerships and investments needed to survive and thrive.
Marissa West, President and Managing Director, GM Canada
Linda Hasenfratz, Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Linamar Corporation
Lana Payne, National President, Unifor
Rachel Doran, Director of Policy & Strategy, Clean Energy Canada
John Stackhouse, Senior Vice-President, Office of the CEO, RBC (Moderator)
10:05 amKeynote: EV Future Market Readiness
Building on our opening panel, this short keynote examines what EV future market readiness looks like along the entire value chain. Who/what in Canada today has shown they can solve these challenges or has the potential to play a role in doing so? What strategies are needed/in place to ensure our entire industrial ecosystem is EV-ready?
John Laughlin, Chief Technology Officer, NGen Next Generation Manufacturing Canada
Matthew Fortier, President and Chief Executive Officer, Accelerate
10:30amCoffee break
11:00am Panel: Building a Sustainable Supply Chain: Canada’s ESG Edge
Zero tailpipe emissions are just a small part of the EV ecosystem’s ESG story. Increasingly, industry economics, future investment, government support, and social license all hinge on responsible practices, community engagement and eliminating embedded emissions along the entire EV value chain. This session will focus on the key areas to tackle, showcase Canadian leadership in all these areas, and make a case that the automotive industry can be a catalyst and leader in clean and socially responsible industry globally.
Rob Wildeboer, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, Martinrea International
Eva Carissimi, Vice President and General Manager, Lithion Recycling Inc.
Simon Thibeault, Senior Director – Battery Value Chain, Investissement Québec
Ahmed Elganzouri, Sustainability Director, Magna International Inc.
Kunal Phalpher, President, Li-Metal Corp.
Jennifer Rogers, National Automotive and Transportation Leader, EY Canada (Moderator)
12:05pmFireside: Investment Landscape for EV-Sector Businesses
Investments are critical to ensure a pipeline of innovations to support the development of tomorrow’s automotive technology. This discussion brings together the venture capital perspective on investments in the mobility ecosystem alongside two key corporate strategic players in the sector.
• Wally Hunter
, Managing Director, EnerTech Capital
• Todd Janke, Vice President, Innovation, Cost Management and Modeling, Adient plc
• John Matovich, Executive Vice President, Energy Solutions and Growth, Alectra Inc.
Sponsored by Export Development Canada (EDC)
1:30pmPanel: A Leap Forward: Next-Generation Batteries
The work to develop tomorrow’s batteries is happening today — a high stakes, global race that will revolutionize propulsion systems and energy storage, create new market opportunities and address societal challenges. What separates the competing technologies? What are customers asking for? This session will provide an insider’s view on some of the ground-breaking work led by Canadian expertise.
• Soroush Nazarpour, President & Chief Executive Officer, VoltaXplore
• Dan Blondal, Chief Executive Officer, Director & Founder, Nano One Materials Corp.
• Asmae Mokrini, Team Lead Materials for Energy Technologies, National Research Council of Canada
• Rafal Janik, Chief Operating Officer, Xanadu
• Adrian Tylim, Head Business Development Americas, Blue Solutions
• Mark McArthur, Director, Internal R&D, Novonix
• Emma Jarratt, Executive Editor, Electric Autonomy (Moderator)
2:40pmFireside: What does the IRA mean for Canada?
The U.S. Inflation Reduction Act has significant implications for Canadian EV manufacturing. This discussion will focus on the current status of the IRA, Canada’s reaction to it and what it means for Canada’s ability to capture international business investment and for Canadian manufacturers looking for a pathway into the U.S.
• Birgit Matthiesen, Director for North America Manufacturing, ArentFox Schiff LLP
• Daniel Breton, President and Chief Executive Officer, Electric Mobility Canada
3:00pmCoffee break
3:30pmPanel: Bridging the Talent Gap
Leadership in the future EV economy can only be won with talent. Skilled workers and good schools are Canadian strong suits, but is that enough when there’s already a gap between the current demand for new talent and the existing labour pool? This session will focus on solutions, including industrial, academic and governmental partnerships that are integral to make our automotive ecosystem a global magnet for talent and investment.
• Guido Benvenuto, Vice President Engineering, Flex-N-Gate
• Lauren Tedesco, Senior Vice President, Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA)
• Simon Pillarella, Director, Skilled Labor & Funding, Propulsion Québec
• Ali Emadi, Professor and Canada Excellence Research Chair Laureate, McMaster Automotive Resource Centre, McMaster University
• Shelley Hirstwood, Director of Business Development, Kingston Economic Development Corporation (Moderator)
4:30pmClosing keynote
• Jean Marc Leclerc, President and Chief Executive Officer, Honda Canada Inc.
5:00pm-7:00pmCocktail reception and networking, including a fireside chat with:
• The Honourable Victor Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, Government of Ontario
• Jayson Myers, Chief Executive Officer, NGen Next Generation Manufacturing Canada
Sponsored by EnerSavings

Who should attend?

  • Automotive industry professionals
  • Researchers and innovators in the electric vehicle sector
  • Strategic investors
  • Government and policymakers

Media who would like to attend in order to report on the event may apply by sending a request to [email protected]

• Understand the fundamental linchpins of the North American EV supply chain

• Meet Canadian companies working on cutting-edge technology

• Discover opportunities to collaborate as we develop national capabilities for advanced manufacturing

Attendance is limited for unparalleled networking and access to expertise at this groundbreaking event.

Venue: Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation, Toronto

Date: February 8, 2023

The Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation (CTI) is a powerhouse of technological innovation. The conference campus is located on the treaty lands and traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit and homeland of Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, and Wendat peoples. EV charging is available on-site.


This event is now sold out.

The EV Innovation & Technology Conference is brought to you in partnership with NGen

NGen is the industry-led, non-profit organization leading Canada’s Global Innovation Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing. It is founded on the principle that digital transformation in advanced manufacturing will enrich the lives of Canadians, delivering better products and good jobs while generating the economic growth essential to a better future.

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