As the pandemic eases, public transit must scale at a rapid and clean pace

As the return to commuting intensifies and summer travel planning begins, millions of Canadians will be reconsidering public transit. The opportunity is now for public transit to emerge on the other side of the pandemic stronger, cleaner and future-proof

Understanding Demand Charges Part 2: What you need to know and why?

In this article, the second in a two part series, we dive deeper into why demand charges slow down progress with EV charging and climate action more broadly

Understanding Demand Charges Part 1: What are they and why they need to change

Expert analysts have big expectations for electric vehicles (EVs) in 2022. BloombergNEF predicts that global sales will surpass 10.5 million this year, about four million more EV sales than in 2021.

Green vehicle financing – one road that can help lead to a sustainable future

CIBC is accelerating climate action with a suite of programs and initiatives aimed at supporting Canadians

How can the carbon market evolve to help increase penetration of EVs?

Whether compliance or voluntary, carbon credits are an innovative financing tool which can help to incent behaviour and CIBC is part of a new solution to turn them mainstream.

A new EV charging solution for multi-res buildings: Evolute by EATON and EVdirect

The Evolute is an innovative smart solution to EV charging infrastructure that gives multi-residential unit buildings an alternative to the networked solution with all the same features and more.

Mining, memories and modernization: Almost a century later, underground mining in Malartic, Quebec is set to go electric

MacLean Engineering’s founder grew up playing in the oil-stained gravel of the Malartic mining camp Partnership’s Odyssey gold mine in the 1940s. In 2022, his son and the company’s president will shepherd the site into the new chapter of its life: zero-emission, battery electric mining.

AAA Canada and NSE Technical & Logistics Services support customers’ transportation electrification projects

In a time when it’s never been more important to get the right people for the job, DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation’s teams of qualified experts cover the industry spectrum for industrialization, production and logistics management of electric vehicles