At least 30 Sandvik BEVs now bound for potash, copper-zinc mines in Saskatchewan

The battery-electric vehicle orders, some of the largest in the industry to date, will see Sandvik Mining vehicles delivered to the Jansen potash and the McIlvenna Bay copper-zinc projects, operated by BHP and Foran Mining, respectively, by 2025

Vehicle orders bring Glencore’s all-electric Onaping Depth mine a step closer to fruition

Battery-electric vehicle orders from a trio of suppliers, including two Canadian manufacturers, are now in place at Glencore’s revolutionary Onaping Depth mine in Sudbury. Without BEVs, the mine would not exist. With them, Glencore can access deep stores of high-grade nickel ore until 2035

Meet the Canadian women solving problems, digging deep and changing the face of the mining industry

In honour of Women in Mining Day, Electric Autonomy Canada spotlights some of the leading women in the Canadian mining sector. While there remains a steep climb to gender equality, signs of progress — including opportunities due to mining electrification — are encouraging

Mining, memories and modernization: Almost a century later, underground mining in Malartic, Quebec is set to go electric

MacLean Engineering’s founder grew up playing in the oil-stained gravel of the Malartic mining camp Partnership’s Odyssey gold mine in the 1940s. In 2022, his son and the company’s president will shepherd the site into the new chapter of its life: zero-emission, battery electric mining.

Caterpillar to build zero-emission machines for mining, Quebec’s Nouveau Monde Graphite signs up to be a test partner

Mining equipment maker, Caterpillar, and Nouveau Monde Graphite are collaborating to turn the Matawinie Mine into a test site for the manufacturer’s future all-electric mining vehicle offerings

Human capital: How BEVs in underground mining change the working environment for the better

The use of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in mining represents an extreme and stunning example of the non-financial benefits of electrification. This article highlights how the calculus for executives considering switching their fleets from diesel to electric goes far beyond direct financial considerations

Deep secrets: How Canada’s mining sector grabbed the global lead in mining electrification

A cluster of major Canadian mines are now well on the way to full electrification. Owned mainly by global majors, leaning heavily on Canadian technology and expertise, they’re the new face of international deep mining: cleaner, safer and more profitable