Vancity sees opportunity in EV project financing, as fleet transitions start to scale

After last month’s $3.2-million EV fleet project financing deal with Vancouver-based 7 Generation Capital, Vancity Community Investment Bank says it is looking for more opportunities to help fund transportation’s transition to net-zero

At least 30 Sandvik BEVs now bound for potash, copper-zinc mines in Saskatchewan

The battery-electric vehicle orders, some of the largest in the industry to date, will see Sandvik Mining vehicles delivered to the Jansen potash and the McIlvenna Bay copper-zinc projects, operated by BHP and Foran Mining, respectively, by 2025

Electric pickups have the range and economy to replace most combustion pickups, says Geotab study

Fleet tracking firm’s research shows that early adopters — like the City of Richmond, which recently bought four Ford F-150 Lightnings — are making a prudent choice, with electric pickups currently able to do the job of combustion engine pickups in 76 per cent of use cases studied

Transport Ministry announces nearly $550 million purchase or lease incentive program for new medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles

The funding, announced as the government’s kickoff to EV Week in Canada, will provide buyers of eligible vehicles as much as $200,000 in federal rebates, with potential for more provincial rebate savings

Vehicle orders bring Glencore’s all-electric Onaping Depth mine a step closer to fruition

Battery-electric vehicle orders from a trio of suppliers, including two Canadian manufacturers, are now in place at Glencore’s revolutionary Onaping Depth mine in Sudbury. Without BEVs, the mine would not exist. With them, Glencore can access deep stores of high-grade nickel ore until 2035

Videotron adding 100 Ford E-Transit electric vans to its fleet this summer

With the new Ford vehicles, and related charging infrastructure, 20 per cent of Videotron’s 900-vehicle fleet will be electrified — in step with parent company Quebecor’s commitment to have a fully zero-emission fleet by 2030