Forest River on track to triple electric bus sales in Canada through deal with Lightning eMotors

Demand for the company’s new 14- and 18-seat electric shuttle buses is high, says Forest River bus division president David Wright, citing a list of potential customers that includes transit agencies, universities, car rental outfits and private contractors

Uber drivers should not carry the economic burden of transitioning to EVs, says Canadian GM

In an exclusive interview, Uber Canada’s GM says the ride-hailing giant is looking to customers and the public to support the switch, and that its goal of 100 per cent EV use by 2030 in North American cities applies to those with “supportive EV policies”

Transdev-Lion deal for 27 electric school buses shows why Quebec is winning in the EV economy

In an exclusive video interview, Transdev and Lion Electric explain how Quebec’s trio of attributes — clean energy, local manufacture, government incentives — paved the way for the deal, enabling Transdev to achieve a 99 per cent emission reduction with these vehicles

Project Arrow gaining traction in bid to showcase Canadian EV production capability

In an exclusive video interview, APMA CTO Colin Singh Dhillon explains how the all-Canadian concept EV project is unfolding — with three finalists selected — as a proving ground for Canada’s domestic battery and EV supply chain