Behind the wheel of the Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5: similarities, differences and what makes each EV tick

The EV6 and Ioniq 5 are two of the most popular EVs to hit the market this year. Electric Autonomy Canada does a head-to-head comparison between the crossovers on performance, charging speeds and driver experience

The “lost” quarter? Canadian EV introductions hit a rough patch in Q3

Some of these EVs are now slated for Q4, but amidst widespread production delays, some have now been pushed to 2022 — and one of the most significant summer arrivals is no longer available, at least temporarily

New EV arrivals in Canada include one cost-friendly debut and several six-figure offerings

The number of newly available models of battery electric vehicles in Canada for Q2 is not huge, but includes some significant launches with the potential to help drive up EV adoption and broaden purchase choices

GM scrambles to show its new EV emphasis

COVID-19 concerns pushed back the electric Cadillac Lyriq SUV debut, but new Ultium-branded batteries underscore that the majority of GM’s R&D is now EV-related