BC Ferries’ new hybrid-electric vessels just the start of a major electrification push

In an exclusive interview, BC Ferries CEO Mark Collins outlines his plan to convert at least half of the operator’s 36-vessel fleet to electric, updates his pitch for government support, and reflects on a disappointing lack of interest from Canadian shipyards

Draft federal plan for clean fuel credit system omits 80 per cent of EV charging, carmakers and owners say

The exclusion in the Clean Fuel Standard means only “network charging” and relatively cleaner liquid fuel services will benefit from credits, missing an opportunity for rebates to invest in EV education and charging infrastructure, critics claim

Fuelling controversy: What do new U.S. fuel efficiency regulations mean for Canada’s climate goals?

If Canada is forced to follow the Trump administration’s newly announced lower fuel efficiency standards, it could mean a huge setback for lower-emission vehicles

Canada ranks near the bottom of G20 countries for CO2 emissions from transport

The average Canadian emits four times more transport related greenhouse gases than the average G20 citizen. Climate Transparency’s Green to Brown report calls for more ambitious targets to keep warming to 1.5°C