The ledger doesn’t lie: new study shows Canadians can travel 5x further in an EV than a gas car for the same fuel cost

A 33-country study tallies up the difference in “fuelling” costs between electric…

DHL’s zero-emission strategy takes off with purchase of 12 all-electric cargo planes

DHL Express is teaming up with U.S.-based Eviation Aircraft, as the first customer for the Seattle-area-based startup’s Alice eCargo electric plane, to bring electric-powered transport to the skies

Nova Scotia to get first electric ferry in $3.3-million electrified transport and net-zero passenger terminal initiative

The Halifax Regional Municipality is adding an electric ferry to its public transportation fleet as part of electrification transition, it said in a June announcement

Turo car sharing service touts its EV offerings in a splashy partnership with Porsche

It’s not cheap, but users of the Turo car sharing service in Montreal who want to do more than kick the tires on an electric Porsche Taycan now have their chance

Autonomous driving: Closer than you think?

Accidents that occur with auto-pilot engaged make headlines, but with the number and reach of autonomous vehicle trials spreading, more global jurisdictions legalizing AVs and major auto manufacturers featuring hands-free technology, autonomous driving is getting real. Yet industry experts say there are still some important barriers to overcome