Blue Tesla Model 3 with ERANGE tires driving through water
Sailun Tire set out to solve the unique challenges that are faced by EV drivers. The result of a technological breakthrough is the all-new Erange EV, Sailun’s first dedicated electric vehicle tire specifically designed, constructed and tested for EV applications. Photo: ERANGE

As more vehicle manufacturers offer additional electric car, truck and SUV options the need for tires that enhance EV and hybrid performance has never been greater


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A small but significant number of car owners have traded filling up for plugging in, and many more are thinking of joining them.  

With this in mind, the team at Sailun Tire is solving the unique challenges EV drivers face. The result of a technological breakthrough is the all-new Erange EV, Sailun’s first dedicated electric vehicle tire specifically designed, constructed and tested for EV applications.

The weight of EVs (specifically their batteries) is typically more than its internal combustion counterpart which puts higher demands on the vehicles tires on the road. Additionally, the lack of an engine means EVs have the quietest cabins of any vehicle, so drivers hear more road noise. Finally, the instant torque produced by EVs is not something traditional tires are designed to handle.

This all results in traditional tires being a good but not great fit for EVs, as they may prematurely wear and decrease performance and efficiency.

The art of Sailun Tire mixology

Traditional tire technology uses a combination of dry components, however, the team at Sailun Tire Group created an advanced manufacturing process of Liquid Phase Mixing which allows the mixture of components in liquid state.

close up shot of ERANGE tire on car
Sailun Tire Erange EV tire uses a cutting-edge mixing process to achieve more uniform tire consistency. Photo: ERANGE

This all-new tire manufacturing technology known as EcoPoint3 allows for the components to be more uniformly and evenly distributed. This makes for tires that are more consistent and efficient.

Erange EV tires feature increased load-bearing capacity to account for the extra weight of vehicle batteries, while also utilizing a reinforced sidewall design for crisp handling and cornering compared to traditional tires. Erange also uses advanced tread patterns and specially formulated rubber compounds to handle the instant torque of electric vehicles, while Sailun’s proven ‘SilentTread’ technology makes the ERANGE noticeably quiet compared to the competition.

The end result — Erange EV has matched or exceeded the performance of many leading tire brands across the three key functional attributes of rolling resistance, wear resistance and overall grip at a fraction of the cost.

ERANGE rolling resistance graph
Third party lab testing results for Sailun Tire Erange performance. Image: ERANGE

Erange EV offers exceptional rolling resistance which in turn will increase the range of the vehicle. This means drivers get more out of each charge. Using third party lab testing on Tesla Model 3s, the results have been incredible. Tesla Model 3’s equipped with Sailun Tire Erange EV tires saw an increase of at least seven per cent in battery life per charge, resulting in an additional 30-40 kilometres in range. This will not only help fight range anxiety, but will also help the combat battery degradation over time. 

Meeting market demand

Sailun is certainly stepping into the EV tire market with a compelling product. Erange is available in 32 popular sizes covering over 80 per cent of EVs on the road today. There are also future plans for additional sizes to be added.

Erange EV checks all the boxes required by EV drivers for a quiet, long-lasting EV tire that helps increase range and that may just be enough for you to skip a crowded charging site one day.

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