Genesis GV60 in white and mint parked side by side in natural landscape
The GV60 is the first electric vehicle for the Hyundai-owned, Markham, Ont.,-headquartered luxury brand, Genesis. Photo: Genesis

The Hyundai-owned luxury brand began selling its first all-electric vehicle — a crossover model in two trim levels — in Canada this month

A new electric luxury vehicle just hit showroom floors in Canada as the Genesis GV60 went on sale at $71,000 for the Advanced base model and $79,000 for the Performance trim level model.

The GV60 is the first electric vehicle for the Hyundai-owned, Markham, Ont.,-headquartered luxury brand. Both trim levels come with all-wheel-drive capability and features including Face Connect, Fingerprint Authentication, and what Genesis is calling “the Crystal Sphere.”

“We are thrilled to begin our momentous journey towards full electrification with the launch of the GV60,” says Lawrence Hamilton, executive director of Genesis Motors Canada in a press release.

“We are excited that our Canadian guests will be able to experience the innovative technologies, bold design, and extensive suite of Genesis Connected Services offered in this distinctive vehicle.”

Both trim levels of the GV60 are rebate-ineligible in Canada.

The specs

Under the hood the GV60 (Advanced) is powered by two electric motors: a 74kW one in the front and a 160kW one in the rear for an estimated 399 kilometres of range. In the Performance model the car has two 160kW motors, front and back, for a slightly reduced 387 km of range.

The vehicle is built on Hyundai’s Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) platform and is capable at charging of speeds up to 400V or 800V, depending on the charging system used and has vehicle-to-load charging capability (which means you can use it to power external 240V appliances). 

“When charging at 350kW with the ultra-speed charging function, the battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes,” says Genesis. “Furthermore, charging time for the slow charging function has been shortened by increasing the charging capacity from 7.2kW to 11kW.”

The GV60 is also built to accommodate wireless charging for when that infrastructure is built — one of the first EVs to feature this technology. Genesis has not announced when it expects this technology to be operational.

Bells and whistles

The shifter used to operate the vehicle — dubbed the Crystal Sphere — is touted as one of the most distinctive cosmetic features of the GV60 compared to other electric models on the market.

Located in the centre console, the Crystal Sphere is an illuminated orb when the vehicle is turned off. When the GV60 is turned on, the sphere rolls 180 degrees upside down to reveal the shifter buttons that then allow the driver to put the car in motion.

The GV60 Performance model also offers “Electronic Limited Slip Differential (E-LSD), Electronically Controlled Suspension with road preview, and active noise cancellation, the Ergo Motion massaging driver’s seat, and 21-inch wheels, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, a Bang & Olufsen premium audio with 17 speakers, surround view and blind spot view monitors, and alloy pedals,” describes company materials.

Both models have a vision roof with power shade, fingerprint authentication, face connect, a 12.3-inch digital cluster and navigation system as standard equipment.

Available in Canada

With the Genesis GV60 now on sale across Canada the brand is already eyeing its next Canadian electric offering: the G80 electrified sedan. That vehicle is set to arrive sometime in summer 2022.

The G80 will come in an AWD model and is estimated to have a range of 454 km. Genesis has not yet announced the price.

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