Shane Peever (L), managing director of Cadillac Canada, and Nino Di Cara, founder of Electric Autonomy, discuss the Cadillac LYRIQ
Shane Peever (L), managing director of Cadillac Canada, and Nino Di Cara, founder of Electric Autonomy Canada, discuss the all-electric Cadillac LYRIQ

In an exclusive fireside chat with Electric Autonomy Canada, Shane Peever, Cadillac Canada managing director, explains why the launch of the LYRIQ is such a significant milestone for the company and its customers

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Canadian drivers interested in luxury vehicles and transitioning to an EV can look forward to the arrival of Cadillac’s all-electric SUV, the LYRIQ. The vehicle, with a range of 480 kilometres will be one of the first vehicles to include General Motors’ new Ultium platform battery technology, which allows for a variety of range, battery and charging capabilities. 

“What’s going to make this particular Cadillac unique is the style, the technology and the craftsmanship,” said Shane Peever, Managing Director at Cadillac Canada during the discussion with Electric Autonomy Canada in the company’s virtual showroom, Cadillac LIVE on September 15th. To watch the full discussion, click on the video player below or click on this link.

Cadillac’s technical centre in Markham, Ont. was responsible for developing 12 features in the LYRIQ.

“We have Canadians that are developing that technology,” said Peever. “It’s really inspiring to go to our technical centre here in Markham and in Oshawa, at the plant, and meet the people that are working on some of the technology.”

Innovative design

With cutting-edge technology powering the car, the LYRIQ is a top-of-the-line visual experience with a distinctly “car of the future” look, which includes a front grille that will “greet” the driver with vertical and slim LED lighting as they approach the vehicle. Cadillac was also able to build a longer wheelbase by spreading out the batteries throughout the platform and installing the wheels right at the corners of the vehicle, enabling a near 50/50 weight distribution for enhanced handling and driving experience, Peever said.  

Managing Director of Cadillac Canada, Shane Peever

“The interior comfort, as well, opens up with the longer wheelbase [and] consumers will have plenty of room inside the vehicle on the front and in the backseat, which might be constrained with some gas vehicles today,” said Peever.

Another noteworthy feature of the LYRIQ is its Super Cruise function. The feature will let drivers go completely hands-free, while sensors on the steering wheel monitor eye movements to ensure the driver’s attentive and engaged. The newest version also includes automated lane changes. Super Cruise function is, however, only available on certain LIDAR-mapped, divided roadways across Canada and the USA.

“More is to come on that front as self-driving technology advances and for us, even adding non-divided highways, and adding more roads across the country will just democratize that [Super Cruise] technology even further and really increase the safety,” said Peever.

Elevating customer experience

For drivers uncertain about buying EVs, one of their biggest concerns is losing juice in the battery while on the road. Peever said the LYRIQ, like other EVs on the road, seeks to address that concern by including an integrated app in the vehicle that tells the driver the locations of charging stations and that helps them plan ahead.  

“It’s really inspiring to go to our technical centre here in Markham and in Oshawa, at the plant, and meet the people that are working on some of the technology.”

Shane Peever, Managing Director, Cadillac Canada

The LYRIQ can handle high-speed DC fast charging up to 190 kW, although not all public charging stations can currently accommodate that speed, notes Peever.

He said Cadillac is interested in working with infrastructure and public companies to advance charging infrastructure technologies to meet new EV capabilities and advance the design of stations to create a better customer experience.

Design competition involvement

Electric Autonomy Canada recently launched the “Electric Fuelling Station of the Future” design competition, with Cadillac as the exclusive automotive partner. The competition is inviting architects and designers to reimagine how roadside pit stops of the future will improve for the better with only EV charging. 

For Cadillac, improving customer experience doesn’t just stop at creating a better public charging experience. The company wants to make home charging equally as fast and convenient too.

With a professionally installed Level 2 system on a dedicated 100 amp service, the LYRIQ can charge at up to 19.2kW at home, meaning it can add 84 km of range with one hour’s charge. The details on when that service will be available are to be confirmed. 

The 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ
The 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ

Expected rollout

Canadians can look forward to seeing LYRIQ on the roads by the fall of next year but until then, Cadillac’s network of nearly 120 dealers across the country is in the process of electrifying their facilities to provide DC chargers for customer and employee parking, customer deliveries and vehicle inventory.  

“The LYRIQ…with standard Super Cruise, standard glass roof, standard 20-inch wheels, up to 480 km range, 190 kW charging capacity… is going to start just under $70,000…and that whole proposition I think is something that we’re really proud of,” said Peever. 

Cadillac began taking reservations to pre-book the debut edition of the LYRIQ on Saturday, Sept. 18. Subscribe to the waitlist at to learn more about LYRIQ and Cadillac’s all-electric future.