Thank you to the 65,000 users who have visited our site since our launch in May and to everyone who has read, shared and contributed to our work.

Some other milestones that we’re pleased to share with you:

  • As a business-to-business publication, our work continues to be a collaboration with industry participants — including policymakers, service providers, vehicle manufacturers, fleet managers, municipality and utility leaders and more — who generously contribute to our stories and visit our site each week.
  • Our articles have been widely shared and commented on throughout organizations and on social media, including by cabinet ministers, generating over 150,000 page views since our launch.
  • We’ve broken some big stories, including the global-exclusive that Tesla had bought Ontario battery manufacturing specialist Hibar Systems. Our reporting was picked up by worldwide media, including by CNBC.
  • We’re grateful for the support and insights provided by our Editorial Advisory Board of nine industry experts in the electric and autonomous vehicle industry.
  • We’re delighted that the quality of our reporting has gained recognition not just from industry stakeholders, but also other media. As respected automotive journalist Andrew McCredie from BC said in his recent podcast, “Electric Autonomy Canada… is required reading for those of us interested in EVs.”

Here’s to an exciting decade ahead for the adoption of electric and autonomous vehicles as we head towards a safe, cleaner and more affordable transportation system.