Parks Canada introduce Tesla electric vehicle chargers

Drivers of all makes of electric cars are set to benefit as agreement with Tesla fulfills earlier pledge by Environment Minister Catherine McKenna to put chargers in all national parks reachable by car

Visitors driving electric vehicles to Canada’s national parks later this year won’t have to worry about where they will charge, thanks to a new initiative from Parks Canada and Tesla.

In a tweet on Sept. 6, Parks Canada announced that Tesla is donating Level 2 charging stations, with both Tesla and universal J1772 connectors, for installation in 50 of its parks across the country.

“This allows Parks Canada to meet immediate demand from visitors for zero-emission vehicle chargers”

Stephanie McGlashan, Media Relations Officer, Parks Canada

“This donation from Tesla allows Parks Canada to meet immediate demand from visitors for zero-emission vehicle chargers, while undertaking longer-term planning to offer a range of services for a growing number of commercial and personal zero-emission vehicle users,” Stephanie McGlashan, media relations officer with Parks Canada, told Electric Autonomy Canada.

Larger network

The charger specifications match those associated with Tesla’s Destination Charging network. Under that program, Tesla provides Level 2 chargers for its own cars and adapters for others and the property owners — typically resorts, businesses, multi-family dwellings — pay for the electricity. There are already hundreds of such sites in Canada.

This announcement follows a pledge from the government in May that it would be putting chargers in all national parks reachable by car.

“Our parks play such a critical role in shaping our national identity, protecting nature and wildlife, and fighting climate change,“ said Catherine McKenna, minister of environment and climate change, at the time.

Other locations

According to McGlashan, the charger locations will be announced later this year. She says the organization is also discussing other locations for additional stations with Tesla. Currently, Parks Canada has several charging stations at or near 13 of its parks and national historic sites.

“Electric vehicles are a practical and effective way for Canadians to reduce pollution and fight climate change when they drive where they need to go,” she says.

As for Tesla, the company is expanding its presence in Canada in other ways. There are over 60 proprietary Tesla Superchargers installed and more than 30 others in development across the country. A supercharger can charge a Tesla vehicle in 30 minutes.

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