How connectivity will develop the Canada-U.S. EV charging corridor

Vehicle-to-grid technologies will help achieve interoperability and operational efficiency for the cross border Canada-U.S. charging corridor, says cybersecurity company, AUTOCRYPT

How connected vehicles and smart traffic infrastructure offer a roadmap to make cities safer

The potential of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) — or V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) technology — to enable safer, smarter transportation in Canada is immense. Experts in our recent webinar weigh in on the promise and pitfalls

Deloitte Canada report challenges auto sector to address growing cybersecurity risk from connected vehicles

With cybersecurity incidents involving connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles on the rise, a Deloitte Canada report outlines the risks and lays out a strategy showing industry stakeholders how they can meet their responsibilities to ensure a safe mobility ecosystem

Adopting Demand Responsive Transit improves access for travellers with specialized mobility needs

Headlines boast quick adoption of electric vehicles and advancement of autonomous driving capabilities, but in the race to procure the most advanced mobility technology, are we forgetting about those with mobility challenges?

With the launch of Canada’s national Cyber Security Innovation Network, EV security solutions surface as area of potential need

The federal government has selected the National Cybersecurity Consortium to head up its four-year, $160-million Cyber Security Innovation Network, with a focus that includes critical infrastructure and networks — two areas with implications for EV security and adoption