Electric pickups have the range and economy to replace most combustion pickups, says Geotab study

Fleet tracking firm’s research shows that early adopters — like the City of Richmond, which recently bought four Ford F-150 Lightnings — are making a prudent choice, with electric pickups currently able to do the job of combustion engine pickups in 76 per cent of use cases studied

Knowledge sharing, pilot project barriers and financial risk identified as main challenges for electrifying fleets, say industry experts

Last year dozens of industry stakeholders came together in a series of discussion forums to examine key industry problems and work on refining and discovering possible solutions to advance and grow EV adoption

With the launch of Canada’s national Cyber Security Innovation Network, EV security solutions surface as area of potential need

The federal government has selected the National Cybersecurity Consortium to head up its four-year, $160-million Cyber Security Innovation Network, with a focus that includes critical infrastructure and networks — two areas with implications for EV security and adoption

Transport Canada report says undersupply continues to be a recurring problem for EV adoption

It still isn’t easy for most Canadians to buy or test drive an electric car even though there are more electric vehicles available, according to the latest Transport Canada survey of car dealerships

Ontario could be a leader in the global electric vehicle market, says new Pembina Institute report

Ontario is in a position to seize an opportunity in the EV market that would create tens of thousands of jobs and generate billions in profit if the province gets bullish on the EV economy