Just 1 per cent of vehicles on Canadian roads are zero-emission, new StatsCan data shows

A new StatsCan publication of annual light- and medium-duty vehicle registrations through 2021 puts the current number of ZEV registrations in Canada relative to the total fleet in perspective

Atlantic Canada makes strides to decarbonize commercial marine vessels

With pressure building on the commercial marine sector to decarbonize, stakeholders in the Atlantic Provinces are taking the lead with pilot programs, vessel launches and policy research to develop new solutions for commercial watercraft

Canada’s EV charging networks grow, with fast charger installations up 39 per cent in 2021

Electric Autonomy Canada’s annual tally of Canada’s public EV charger installations and network buildouts shows faster growth in 2021, with a 39 per cent increase in DC fast chargers and 18 per cent charger growth overall

New rebates and free chargers part of Prince Edward Island’s $1.9-million EV adoption investment

PEI’s announcement includes $5,000 incentive for the purchase of a new or used electric vehicle, the most generous used EV incentive in Canada, and follows moves to electrify public fleets in the province