Tesla missing opportunity to be a world leader in EV accessibility, says former Canadian Paralympian

For Tesla to truly live up to its mission to accelerate the EV transition, it must ensure its products are accessible and inclusive. Surely, asks Joel Dembe, if Elon Musk can revolutionize space travel and modernize vehicle transportation, he can help people with disabilities, too?

Coalitions among Canadian stakeholders are essential to avoid EV dystopia

Sustainable transportation hinges on EV adoption, but it also requires that there is fewer cars, more transit, safer streets and sound planning. Ultimately, the wide array of benefits means there are many potential allies for EV advocates to work with in turning heads and motivating elected officials.

Closing gaps for EV adoption: rethinking accessibility and affordability

Across Canada drivers are interested in purchasing an EV, but the greatest barrier remains equitable access, including: affordability, knowledge gaps and physical barriers