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CFR credits are a critical tool to help ease the transition to a zero-emission fleet. 3Degrees shares tips and expertise on the program

John Somers
Apr 1, 2024
5 minute read

Irdeto’s Niels Haverkorn evaluates the challenges and current state of electric vehicle infrastructure development in Canada and around the world

Niels Haverkorn
Mar 28, 2024
5 minute read

The CAQ government is confident the province’s EV transition will continue without sales incentives beyond 2027. Reaction there and in the rest of Canada is mixed

Mehanaz Yakub
Mar 21, 2024
8 minute read

Meeting EV adoption targets requires more collaboration in the ecosystem and mandates for chargers as well as vehicle sales, says Hyundai Canada president Don Romano

Sami Haj-Assaad
Mar 14, 2024
4 minute read

Canada now ranks No. 1 in the world for EV battery supply chain potential. Attendees discussed what’s needed to turn that potential into reality

Mehanaz Yakub
Feb 9, 2024
8 minute read

The reading list features companies in the program so attendees get the most from the EV Innovation & Technology Conference

Electric Autonomy Staff
Jan 31, 2024
5 minute read

In a candid — and exclusive — conversation, provincial minister Vic Fedeli and Ontario’s new Representative in Washington, D.C., David Paterson, talk the future of batteries and EVs in the province

Emma Jarratt
Dec 15, 2023
5 minute read

That recommendation tops a set of policies Canada needs to steer the MHDV transition from combustion to zero-emission while preserving jobs, says the Pembina Institute

Adam Thorn
Nov 23, 2023
6 minute read

The initiative, called Agora, is a joint effort led by ChargeHub, The Electric Circuit and BC Hydro, targeting an issue critical to greater EV adoption

Emma Jarratt
Nov 17, 2023
3 minute read

One in eight vehicles registered in Canada in the third quarter of this year was either battery electric or a plug-in hybrid, according to data from S&P Global Mobility

Brian Banks
Nov 15, 2023
3 minute read
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