Budget 2022 puts over $9 billion into EV battery supply chain, ZEV purchase rebates, suitability assessments and clean electricity

Investing in critical minerals comes out as a major line item for the Liberal government’s 2022 budget with greater emphasis put on transitioning medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and pushing Canada’s electrical grids to 100 per cent non-emitting sources

Electric Mobility Canada urges a faster transition in ambitious 2030 EV action plan

In a newly released 32-point plan, the industry member association Electric Mobility Canada calls on the federal government to take more urgent action to accelerate zero-emission mobility adoption, saying Ottawa’s 2035 deadline for 100 per cent passenger ZEV sales is too slow to meet climate targets

Panel highlights EV adoption strategy, gap between have and have-not provinces, at EMC conference

From purchase rebate programs to increasing charging infrastructure and promoting EV education, cities and provinces across Canada are negotiating the transition differently with varying results

In one-on-one interviews, federal candidates provide deeper insight on zero emission transportation policies

With the climate crisis high on every party’s political agenda and voters paying close attention to their clean transportation platforms, industry association Electric Mobility Canada invited each party to spell out where it stands on ZEV mandates, boosting supply chains, purchasing incentives and more

Electric mobility in Canada: Now is the time to be bolder

Accelerating the development of the electrification of transport will end up saving thousands of Canadian lives and billions of dollars while creating hundreds of thousands of high paying and high-quality sustainable jobs across the country, says EMC’s Daniel Breton

Coalitions among Canadian stakeholders are essential to avoid EV dystopia

Sustainable transportation hinges on EV adoption, but it also requires that there is fewer cars, more transit, safer streets and sound planning. Ultimately, the wide array of benefits means there are many potential allies for EV advocates to work with in turning heads and motivating elected officials.

Electro-mobilize! A historic conference for Electric Mobility in Canada

The annual conference that will be held on November 9th-10th 2020 under the theme Electro-mobilize! will have a profound impact on the development of electric mobility in Canada